Action Enterprises LLC

Action Enterprises LLC

Action Enterprises LLC errible Conduct! This isn’t a business it’s a hack spot. I went to Randy for minor body repair work, to repair and paint a couple of small cracks. The 1st day he said that he was sent the wrong paint and had to keep the car, the second day he said everything was moving along fine. I had to leave to go to a work conference so he knew I needed my car. Madison Wisconsin!!. Time was getting close to when I was supposed to hear from him so I could pick up my car, he said that it would be dry in about an hour and heu2019d call. He never called, he didnu2019t answer. I drove there to find some man just hanging out who told me that there had been a paint mix up yet again and that Randy had left. Not only had he left and didnu2019t tell me, intending to keep my car there for who knows how long, there was only one crack fixed, and primed, not painted, and now there are now brand new scratches on the side doors. He barely did anything and lied continuously throughout the 2nd day. My car looks worse than before. I had come out to my car the other day and noticed that there were a couple of minor cracks in the rear bumper, shopped arround for estimates and decided to try Craigslist to see if there was a more affordable option. I had found a reliable, trustworthy mechanic and didnt think finding someone to do minor body work was such a leap. I called Action Enterprise LLC. and spoke with Randy, who I presume is the owner of this business as he said he was, and then texted him pictures of the two small cracks, he said it was not a problem to fix and would take a days time. I went in for a quote, we talked prices and timelines. I made it clear I had a work conference to leave for so if he didnt think the care would be done in time that I would hold off on getting the work done, he said not to worry, it would be. I left feeling fine and thought all was well, Randy seemed nice, and it was just a couple of minor repairs so I wasnt expecting anything terrible to happen. Little did I know what a big mistake I was making. The first day he said that the cracks were repaired, primed and ready for paint, then as the day went on he said that he was sent the wrong color paint so the car wouldnt be ready. Fine, things happen, so I pushed back leaving for my work conference for another day. Randy told me that first thing in the morning they would start painting and by the afternoon the car would be ready. The second day we spoke a few times, each time he said everything was moving along just fine. In the afternoon he said the car was almost ready to be picked up, it needed a bit more time to dry, aout an hour or so. The hour comes and goes and there was no word from him. I called, he didnt answer. I texted he didnt respond. I finally drove there to find some man just hanging out looking like he was read to go out on the town, I asked where Randy was, he told me that there had been a “paint mix up” yet again and that Randy had left for the day. I went over to my car and not only had he left and didnu2019t bother to call me, fully intending to keep my car there for who knows how long, he had barely done any of the work we had talked about. Only one of the cracks had been fixed and primed, not painted. He didnt tend to the second one which was even smaller than the one fixed, and now there are now brand new, noticable and deep scratches on the rear panel of the drivers side. I called Randy again, still no answer, I then retrieved my keys from this unnamed guy and drove my car home. Hours later he texted me and told me it was someonesles fault, “his paint guy”, and that he hates looking like a fool. Huh? What? Really? He barely did anything in the two days my car was there, he lied continuously to me throughout the 2nd day, he left intending to keep my car there and now my car looks worse than it did prior to leaving it with him. Action Enterprise is a hack spot, they have no business advertsing auto body repair services. I cant speak as the mechanical repairs but if this is any indication of their work ethic and skill set, everyone should steer clear.

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