Action Sales LLC

Action Sales LLC

Action Sales LLC Jerry Calkins Deceptive Sales Tactics, Liar, Cheat, Theif Steelville, Missouri!!. This man should be ashamed of the way he tricks unsuspecting young families, who are barely making ends meet, into purchasing cars that are not safe, or well outside their ability to pay. I personally witnessed a couple get ripped off, spend every dime they had to buy a car, only to have to put a new transmission in it is 2 weeks. He can look someone in the eye and lie, without thinking twice. He is well known in our town for never paying his bills, and begging and borrowing from his elderly in= laws, meanwhile badmouthing them and complaining of their “neediness”. From the rumors in town, I understand he owes them THOUSANDS…..and never makes an effort to repay. If being a nasty lying car sales man isnt enough, he also incites disputes within our community between neighbors. Do us all a favor Jerry and stay OUT of STELLEVILLE!!!

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Requested my first withdrawal,no response and no reply to my E-Mails.. I demand Cannot resolve as it is a scam and they will answer my E

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