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Setember2o19, I went action urgent care. problem: severe chronic chest pain. my breast was so painful that you couldn”t touch them w/o me screaming. treatment: dr. alvey did a ekg, took blood and he wanted me to wear a heart monitor. since the ekg was normal I was in too much pain to wear this machine. follow up apt: dr. avey said I had a bacterial infection. he prescribed 3 medications. I had to practically beg him to examine my breast. he did. I screamed so loud and I tried to stand up and fell. please advise action urgent care knows that i”m a degenerative spine disc disorders. nonetheless, I went to my primary care dr. wong. he ordered a cbc test and he ordered me to go to the emergency room to be evaluated. they too took cbc test. both blood test were normal. I asked if I had any bacterial infection. both tests were normal, no infection. so I have a right to know why dr. avey got his diagnosis and should I continue to take his medication? I asked dr. avey to forward my records to dr. wong. he never did. proof:I have all blood tests results. I will forward test if I can get an email address

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