Complaint is a complete scam. Upon signing up, no where does it say that there is a limit to 5 exam engines per month, when you download them after 5, it blocks you out and you cannot get any authorization codes till the next month. Which really doesn”t matter because the auth codes just do not work at all. I have emailed their support which is a joke because there is only 1 person in the “company” his name is Andrew. He is the most incompetent ignorant useless piece of *** I have ever dealt with. If he does respond, it is with an answer that has nothing to do with the question I asked. I have asked constantly for a refund and those requests never get answered. Their PDF exams are completely inaccurate. The answers are wrong on most of the questions and are unreliable. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY on this company. Your money can be better spend buying a training kit for the exams you need to take. PLEASE DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED WITH 0% CHANCE OF GETTING YOUR MONEY BACK!

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Cheap, Low Quality, Did absolute nothing for my me and my son. SCAM

Palacios remodeling

In November 2011 I paid Mr Marcos palacios $4000 to replaced the roof. which he never did. I had to pay about $3000 in roof damages and

Amazing Siding Corporation of Seattle Complaint

Anybody have any complaints with Amazing Siding and their workmanship? It has been almost 2 years and every since they replace our siding

Shopper Express

I received a check in in the mail for secret shopper i was told to confirm my check was received so i did and i was told to shop at

Boston Garage

Boston Garage Taken advantage of in a major way! Danbury Connecticut!!. My car stalled in the middle of a heavy rain storm. Boston Garage

I ordered embroidery cd’s from them they charged my bill me later account and did not deliver any goods.I tried to use e mail