acura at Oxmoor

acura at Oxmoor

acura at Oxmoor neil huffman oxmoor Acura tries to charge client 7.5 times the actual cost of repair at other garage. $6295 verses $838 louisville Kentucky!!. On Nov. 24 we had our 2005 Acura MDX towed to Acura at Ox.oor. This is where we had bought the car new and this is where we took it for all the maintenance with the rare excetion of an oil change and new tires. We had taken it to them some weeks earlier with a check engine light. They reset the check engine alert and told us that they didn not find any issues, then charged us $90. In mid October we had taken it to them with the check engine light, they did $1200 of “routine maintenance and reset the light. After we had to have it towed on Nov. 24 to them they sent us an estimate on Dec. 2 for $6,295 to repair the car. We where advised by friends to get a second estimate, since the value of the car is around $7200. We had it towed to another garge where they repaired it for $838. The car has been driven every day since without any issues. I contacted the service manger, Byrce Willhite. He asked to speak to the other mechanic, which he did, and commented to me how impressed he was by the mechanic. I met face to face with him and he admitted that the estimate was a bad mistake and began offering an array of excuses. The estimate was 7.5 times the cost of the repair. No excuse could explain away such a difference. Bryce said they would use this as a learning tool. Of course the “learning tool” almost cost us $6000. Even Bryce admitted the transmission they wanted to replace was working fine, and still is as i type a month later. The garage that did fix the car said that it was obvious that they had not removed some pans and bolts, that they would have had to remove, to give us the quote they gave us. The they charged us another $90 to do give us the quote. Had it not been for our second opinion we would be out an additonal $5457. They have serviced this vehicle since puchase so now we ask ourselves how many times did they gouge us before the one time we sought a second opinion and found out just how they operate. Upon my request they did reimburse me for the last $90 they charged us this last time and the tow fee to the other garage. I have documentation from both Acura and Little Garage (the garage that actually fixed the car) as proof of evething stated above.

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