acura of lynnwood

acura of lynnwood

acura of lynnwood…THE BIGGEST LIERS, THIEFS, CHEATS SLEAZE BALLS EVER HEARD OF FORGERY??? SIGNED YOUR NAME TO CAR LOAN???? lynnwood Washington!!. We intially planned to purchase this car, using the financing we had secured from Capitol One Auto financing. The dealership decided that the terms of the financing wasnt agreeable to them (Acura of Lynnwood) and told us all paper work and the check for the purchase was null and void, but allowed us to take the car home, since they were going to put together a different sales package agreeable to us. This all began on 06/18/2013. The finance mgr said that he would be gone the next day, but to call back, since his peer would be there and have an answer. We called several times the next day and finally were told no one in finance was there and to call back the next day. We called back again the next day and someone “covering” for the finance manager said he knew nothing about the loan, but he would leave a note for the finance mgr, whose name was either Jay or Josh. Friday the 21st of June came and went and still no returned phone calls. Saturday 22nd of June, I decided to return the car and keyes and forget the sale and called the dealership to tell them we were bringing the car back. Approx 1 hr later, the finance manager calls and says “I heard you were calling for me” I told him I was tired of being bounced around, no phone calls, no updates and I was bringing the car back. He replied “hold on, thats not the way it works” I told him I was tired of him and everyone else there messing around with us and that was that. We took the car back that afternoon 22nd of June. We purchased another car from a dealership in Everett the following Monday, using financing the dealership provided.. On Friday, July 5th 2013…we receive in the mail an completed auto finance loan approval from Chase Auto Finance, with the loan amount and date that payments were to begin. We never authorized anyone to arrange a contract with with Chase Auto Finance from Acura of Lynnwood, let alone sign a loan application. Someone from Acura of Lynnwood had to had signed our names to a loan application. The loan approval was 6/18/2018 ….before we even had the finance mgr tell us that our intial offer was null and void!!!!! We repeat…..we NEVER signed a loan application with Chase Auto Finance. The only place a signature could of had came from was a employee of Acura Of lynnwood. BEWARE OF ACURA OF LYNNWOOD..THEY ARE LIERS, CHEATS, THIEVES AND LOW LIFES!!!!!!!

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