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While working for Acuren Inspections, I have been subjust to unwarranted comments from David Dunn, the Operations Manager, such as “where’s the biscuits and gravy ” the first time seeing this man and this was witnessed by another employee, Allan Gargus. When asking about work I either get laughed at or told that I can clean my house. Also while working a job with three other employees, the lead for that job was very hostile to the rest of us, myself and two male employees. We all submitted letters to that effect and again David Dunn got a laugh out of them. Nothing was done to that employee, Michael Chapman, because he still works as much as every. While I was working a job in NC the week of March 4th to the 8th. I was on night shift and my last night of working was Thursday night, I asked about the hotel room because they (the office in NC) has us traveling back to AL on Friday and we had to be out of the hotel room by noon (hotel was booked). When I asked my Division Manager, Todd Harley, about it, he forwarded my question to David Dunn and someone else, I do not know who. I was told to just sleep on Friday and they will cover the room, that was Thursday afternoon. Friday morning after a 12 hour shift, I was told by the night shift leads, that I was driving a van back to Birmingham AL ( 11 hour drive) and that I had to check out of the hotel by noon. Again I questioned my operations manager and my division manager about the unsafe driving and again this third person starts yelling at me (if you can yell by text) stating that I could find my own hotel to sleep and I would have to submit a expense report for it. Fine but no hotel will let you check in at 8 or 9 am, I checked. So after working a 12 hour shift I had to drive 11 hours back to Birmingham AL. And this was after we received an email about fatigued driving. They like to preach safety but as long as you don’t get an OSHA recordable then it all good. I have worked for other Acuren offices in the 2 plus years that I have worked for Acuren and I have never been treated to the level of disrespect or been lied to as I have working for the Birmingham office

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