Adair Solar & Plumbing LLC

Adair Solar & Plumbing LLC

Adair Solar & Plumbing LLC Doug Adair, Adair Home, Sold me a solar water system promising in writting a 25% reductioin in energy cost. No reduction was experienced in fact because the gas hot water heater must heat the solar water system during cold periods our energy use has gone up. Adair located in Mesa. Sun City West Az. Sun City West Arizona,!!. Problem description:By contract, Adair Plumbing installed a solar water heating system, stating it would reduce our utility usage by 25% a year. I informed them we are are gone, June thru October, every year. They were so certain, they guaranteed they would refund to us any amount we paid to the 25% savings. After one year they refunded $613.83. No energy was saved. For the first 5 years they did inspect the equipment and assured me everything was operating correctly. Still no savings. This winter 2018, the system had problems. Adair scheduled a service appointment for 12/10/18. They called that morning asking for the Model number to get the correct parts. There was no date established for the repair. The next day Adair attempted to call me. I returned a voice message and was told they had come to my house (without an appointment) but no one was home. Now Adair will not respond to my calls. SO, I have contacted another plumber. The NEW plumber informed me that the 50-gallon hot water heater was heating the water for the entire system, including the solar system and was undersized and therefore burned out the ignition. In addition, he said that the solar system was worthless during the winter in AZ. He advised me to turn off 4 values to stop the water from circulating thru the solar system. The solar system Adair installed for us is a fraud because it does not save us any energy, and during the winter it in fact has increases the amount of energy needed. This is a buyer beware scam and is so convincing that I fell for it. Desired Resolution: Refund and Professioinal removal of Solar Hot Water system and replacement with 80 gallon gas hot water heater.

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