Adam Kruger - MX Revival

Adam Kruger - MX Revival

Adam Kruger – MX Revival IndianAdam IndianAdam41 stole parts, inability to do work that he accepted, no follow-up, no return of customers parts, no calls, no information, ignores me, no attempt to resolve, pouty, hissifit, directly lied to BBB, saying he would return my parts., motorcycle parts, banned customer access, won’t return parts, but says job is finished. Mitchellville Iowa!!. I inquired to MX Revival about some Vapor Blasting and powdercoat work. He took on the Job, and said he’d be timely and accurate with my instructions. Inquiry happened on Facebook Messenger Dec 2, 2016. I told him I would be happy to make a spreadsheet and organize everything in “per color” baggies. On Dec 5th I asked if I could drop things by on a Saturday, knowing it was out of the normal operating hours of his business. Adam seemed very excited to take on more work, he stated that it would only take him 2 weeks to complete as soon as he started. He exclaimed that I would be receiving color samples to ensure he had chosen the correct colors by my description. We talked about some Ceramic Paint for the High temp items, I said I would purchase the paint if he was willing to do the work. He agreed that he would reduce the cost, since I provided the materials for the job. 2 weeks goes by, I have heard nothing from him in regards to anything, I think, “maybe he’s just super busy”. I give him another couple days. Finally I call to see if something has changed, nothing. It’s like he’s hiding from me. Finally on Dec 29th he Inquires to me about the list of parts I made, he had lost the hard copy and wanted me to send him an electronic version to clarify things, so he could finish up the Job. No word for a few days, and then I inquire(424pm) about meeting with him on Saturday Jan 1, to pick things up.(I live and work in Burlington, Iowa). Adam agrees, says he will be at the shop til 530pm. I show up about 510p, and he is inquiring to me about what parts are to be what color, and am I sure I want these to be powdered. While there I ask if he has any questions on the spreadsheet, he says,”It was a bit confusing but, I can figure things out”. Then he shows me what he has done, He has some of the parts coated, but none of the parts are the labeled colors. Nothing was correct, he didn’t even take the time to review the sheet, 2 weeks after the date that he gave me for completion(Dec. 22-23) Jan 7th 2017, he inquires again as to what colors for what parts and the details on the job. He tells me about other customers and their work, and how he has been s****.> Jan 11th, I inquire about the test shots for one of the colors, I still hadn’t received anything. No examples, No Color palette, and no completed parts, except those that he just colored willy nilly. Jan 14th, I contact him 10am inquiring as to any other questions he may have. I asked if there was any way he could speed things up, as I would love for this to be done. He responds telling me that he will be heading to the shop, If I wanted to pick up some parts. I did, I got there about 330p, we had scheduled to meet at 345. I slept in his driveway at 111 mill St Mitchellville, iowa until 530pm. He never showed up. Jan 22, I inquire as to what happened, he says some wedding stuff. I plan for pickup sunday Jan 23. 3 hrs later he responds with, “Just got back to the shop, the only thing I have ready to go at the moment is the caliper, I’m getting ready to shoot the ceramic stuff soon. So I’m just cleaning everything and the space to do it in. I will probably have everything ready for pickup tomorrow afternoon.” Jan 24th, I inquire again. He says, “things are looking good now, just a few more coats and we’ll be done.” Jan 29th, I inquire again, after just watching him compete in waterloo. He says I can come get a few, they are wrong, I make him redo some.I pay what he quoted me $350.He says he can come down Monday to deliver the rest. He exclaims after I left that everything is done, it just wasn’t sitting out. Feb 4, we plan to meet at the shop 330p he exclaims he had a late night watching supercross, just couldn’t make it to the shop. Feb 7th, he agreed to be here at 5 pm, he calls 630 pm and asks that I pay in cash. shows up in Ft Madison 9p with only my engine mount hardware. (15 of 40 parts) Here it is Feb 23, I still can’t get a time to get my stuff. I called the sheriff, they get a lot of complaints regarding his poor business ethics. 03/22/2019 BBB MORE INFO RECEIVED FROM THE CONSUMER : Update: I took Monday off work to go to Mr. Kruger’s shop in an attempt to recover my XR650L Parts. (Engine side covers(R&L), Side cover hardware, oil filter cover, starter cover hardware, kickstand hardware, caliper hardware, oil filter cover hardware, rear suspension hardware, lower rear linkage, airbox hardware, basically all the small parts needed to assemble an XR650L. There’s at least $500 worth of parts. A lot of that hardware is specialty stuff, at $8 a bolt it adds up quick. Upon arrival Mr. Kruger acted like I didn’t exist, he completely ignored me as I assist my friend in loading up his bike in the truck. Finally after 10 mins or so I asked where my last box of parts were, I would be happy to save him shipping. He replied grumpily, “I don’t know”. I turned to finish loading, then walked inside in hopes to have a more private conversation with Mr. Kruger. Again I asked where my parts were, to his reply of, “I sent them USPS, to the address I drove to”. Let me remind you that this is the third time he has told me he sent them to me via usps. It’s 2017, I know that when you send something Via USPS, they give you a tracking number on the bottom of your receipt. Mr. Kruger was unable to identify the address he sent the parts to, and the supposed tracking information of the parts in question. He went through an elaborate explanation of how he had left that particular receipt at home, along with a few others from the night before.(As if he had sent them just a few nights prior) hmmmm?? This leads me to believe my parts have not yet been shipped to me, I have texts from him March 8th saying he had sent them to the address he drove to. At that time I requested tracking information, which has yet to come. Upon my inquisition, he was unable to identify the actual address that he “sent” these parts to, and here it is March 22, and I have yet to receive anything in the mail. I know that even the lowest level freight takes up to 7 business days, it has been 10 full business days. At what point is this considered legally stealing? Throughout our conversation, Mr. Kruger kept referring to “The Customer” in third person, explaining to my friend and I how “the customer” views him. I exclaimed to him that I was his customer and I have been experiencing issues with his follow-up methods, and inability to see projects completely through. Returning the project to it’s rightful owner is the final step in the process. I hope he can start admitting his faults, and see that the customers are not happy with his performance in the motorcycle scene in Central Iowa. Until he can show that he is a professional is this industry, I will be suggesting others not go to him to assist in their prized possessions, and family heirloom projects. I look forward to the prompt return of my parts, so that I can continue and finish this project bike in commemoration to my father. Who was killed on his bike in 2007..Currently it has stopped due to lack of follow-up by Mr. Kruger and MX Revival. 03/27/2019 OttO BBB No Response from Business re: Consumer Rebuttal 04/10/2019 BBB MORE INFO RECEIVED FROM THE CONSUMER : Since Adam has blocked me every way thought of online, I found his name had changed on Instagram to #indianadam41 now, and his heading on the IG search reads as follows: ” indianadam41 MX Revival Restoration, powder coating, chrome, vapor blasting. MX, Enduro, Vintage and my girl, my world, my rules, no problems! ” He has completely ignored the facts, has made no attempt to resolve the issue with me. I have received nothing from him, each time I went to him to resolve the issue, I was ignored or told the same thing time and time again. This new heading is misleading to any new customers, They would be lead to believe that he has all ducks in a row, that his business is just as professional as any other, and that all his customers are satisfied. Yet I return to the BBB to give another update a full 32 days after his initial claim to have sent me my parts. 2 weeks ago I sent him my address again…just in case he was interested in doing the right thing, and returning my property to me. It is clear to me that the system is flawed in a few ways. As a business owner, he is allowed to step all over my right of ownership. They say–> go to the BBB, they can help you. I have yet to receive any assistance in locating or return of the XR650L parts in question. No tracking information has come from anyone. I have been suggested by the police to file a stolen property report, which apparently takes 3-6 months to process, by which time my parts will be in a box at his new wife’s grandpa’s house, no one will know about them, they will just be gone…and because the paperwork is in “process”, that’s just ok. It’s just ok for a business to sell services fraudulently, as long as they have the audacity to lie to everyone throughout the process and hold off on any progress for 6 months until everyone forgets about it and moves on. Yet me, the customer, sits here, waiting for any news on the whereabouts of my prized heirlooms..for months, with no resolution, except for a response that says “case closed, unresolved”. Adam has not returned any calls, or emails, he won’t even look at me when I stand right in front of him. Definitely no eye contact, he looks at his feet, or up to the left, as if to catch another lie to tell me. Please Someone Tell Me how I can get my XR650L parts Back?!

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