Adrian Costa Silva

Adrian Costa Silva is a loser piece of trash. Don't do business with him! He is adrianoko one eBay

Adrian costa Silva
Bruselas n°10 2°F
Santiado de Compostela Galicia 15707

I had the arduous task of having to deal with this spic piece of shit. He is in some kind of band of faggots who go around Europe sucking off other fags like them on stage. Adrian is a whiny piece of shit who complains like a girl on the rag. She sends email after email acting like a stupid cum drunk whore that she is. So I had sent this clown an item from the USA to Spain.  He complained it wasn’t working. We sent him a new one and guess what? Yep that one didn’t work either.

He opened a case after 3 months of using said item. Now she wants me to pay return shipping again (Let’s be clear we have paid international shipping to this cocksuck twice. What a fuckin clown.

This guy is a faggot spic who sings in English because he is a poseur. He wants to be American so bad he doesn’t even sing his botched music in Spanish, his native language.

Many people have said when he goes on tours of Europe that he steals from his hosts who let him stay there with them so he doesn’t have to pay lodging in exchange for oral sex. Man can that Adrian polish a cock up something shiny. Swallows the load and cleans that cock up for ya!

If you are looking for a thieving bastard look no further than Adrian Costa Blues band. The whole lot of them are cocksuckers.



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