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We joined with Adriatic Services in Nov of 2010 expecting amazing things, and since we had to close our previous business due to insane overhead costs and no where near ready for the financial committment–they seemed as if they were the perfect solution to our problem. Boy was I fooled, and I’m supposed to be the intelligent one. We signed a one year contract, of which the stand behind stubbornly–making me believe that they have no clue what it really says–so after a few customers emailed me in regards to our customer service, I was at first confused–especially since they’re supposed to be the one that handles all that for us–that’s where the contract comes in. One customer said, “Are you even legit? I haven’t been able to speak to a real person about a product and shipping, and I’ve been calling for 3 hours straight. Everytime it says I’m first in cue but no one ever answers. How can you expect to sell products when your customer service doesn’t exist.” So me being pretty upset by this tried what he said and so far 2 days straight 4 hours each day, nothing. So I then read through my contract and contacted them via “chat”. Lets see, when I told them that they were in breach of the contract and that I would like my intial refund of just the 150.00 that was charged, the customer service representative then told me that I was under a one year contract at 59.99 a month. Okay, that’s awesome, but you have failed on your end and I’m not asking for the entire amount, and then they proceeded to get argumentative through chat–and then tell me about their BBB reports and how they have awesome resolution. So I checked it out, 16 were administratively closed (BBB) due to no response from the company. How is that good? How is there BBB even good at a B- and dropping? Anyway, confusion–so I went back to the chat and asked, how are you supposed to be the one providing the customer service when the customers’ can’t even get in touch with you? The customer service representative then closed the chat and I have not been able to get a hold of anyone on chat, or phone for that matter. As in regards to the marketing, you can’t properly market your site due to the poor formatting of the site. You will pay in the thousands, and not receive much of anything from it. You will be lucky if you even get a sale. They do not allow you any free control of the site in regards to how it looks, and to make it more SEO friendly. They state try and do home parties (slumber parties) with your adult novelties, but there’s a catch. That’s if they even ship to your address–which in my case, they do not and I am in Virginia. So how am I supposed to market and advertise both efficiently and effectively. Also be weary, that with all the money they say is non-refundable does not go to their staff, because there isn’t an actual staff–its just a few people; it goes to their advertising. They have no inbound links, no outbound links–there are just a static site. That is all. So after being threatened and bullied, which sorry to say, I’m an adult and internet bullying doesn’t go over to highly with me, I am stuck. I would recommend that no one does business with them due to insane costs for things that don’t cost that much at all, and I’m pretty computer savy–you have no control of your site and the google XML (sitemap) stops crawling because it is incomplete. Adriatic services/ is not worth the headache for anyone. I got robbed of my money, and they will not willingly refund it due to breach of contract. I never recieved training–I still have all of the emails from them of which I will be posting here as proof of not to deal with them or anyone from them. If you have experienced something similar to this, please speak up–because that is the only way anything will even get accomplished. I just want my 150.00 back, the site taken down, and nothing else to do with them. I am going to contact their merchant, the BBB, [redacted], and so many more. I suggest those in my shoes do the same. I attached some images in regards to their prices and how the do business. With these images…keep in mind I was not rude to the customer service representative, all I did was state facts and asked for my money back.

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