Advance Cash Store

Advance Cash Store

I was called saying that I was approved for a loan. And that all I had to do was send an refundable amount of $220 using a moneypak card, and the funds of $2,000 along with the $220 would be transferred back into my checking account for processing within 15minutes. Than he told me once the money is in my account I would receive a text with a confirmation number. But I didn’t want to get off the phone because I didn’t want this to be a scam. It was getting late so after this call I called and didn’t get an answer. The money was never shown into my account that day or the next day! The next morning he calls and tells me that there was a problem and that he was sorry, but my credit score didn’t meet the requirements and that it is shown that I haven’t pay taxes. So the government is not letting me receive the funds into my account. So he tells me that I would have to send an additional $250 from my side to their side and that that would also be refunded. So the total amount I receive into my checking account would be $2,470. I got the moneypak for that and he did it again. Didn’t answer my calls and when he did he tried to be smart and tell me that I had to western union $150 for help after telling me I didn’t need to cry…. I demand I just want my money back I learned my lesson. I don’t recommend them

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