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I got a call from a Matthew Goforth around April 2017. The guy told me he was from Advance Asset Group calling about a pay day loan I owed. I was told that if I didn’t pay it off I would sued and my accounts would be garnished. I even told the guy that couldn’t be. He told me since I was a resident of Texas they can do anything. Me not originally being from Texas I didn’t know the truth to that. I asked the guy more info about this pending case and he actually had ALOT of info that was correct so I believed it. A part of me was skeptical so I did some research on this guy. At the time there were no reports out of Advance Asset Group. But the fact I actually did have a payday loan out at the time made believe it even more. On top of the fact he used the companies name when telling me about it. He set me up on $50 a month to catch up on the payment. I paid 2 months and on the third month I didn’t have money in my account when they tried billing me. I got a call from Matthew and he was very unprofessional and frantic about me not paying and went back to explaining the “case against me”. A few weeks later I got a call from Matthew again to collect the remaining balance. I had money at the time so we “paid off my payday loan” that minute and he said we were all good and wouldn’t need to do anything else. Well here we are now almost December and the company I had my payday loan through still says I owe them that money. I got online today and now I am seeing reports of this scam. Unfortunately i found out a little too late. If you have gotten any collection attempts from this “Group” DO NOT GIVE IN, DO NOT BELEIVE ANYTHING UNTIL YOU HAVE DOCUMENTS. AND EVEN THEN ID GET THEM LOOKED OVER BY AN ATTORNEY. Also you can contact the company that is “sueing you” to see if they know anything about these guys. My thoughts go out to any others that were victimized by this scam.

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