Advanced Towing Company

Advanced Towing Company

Advanced Towing Company Towed my car in less than 25 minutes. I had parked legally in a parking lot in front of Boston Market on Glebe and Columbia Pike Road. I went to buy lunch in Boston Market. I was alone and ate in my car listening to the radio. When done, I walked across the street to another store to inquire about getting my nails done. I got half a service because I didn’t have enough time and needed to pick my daughter up at noon. I parked my car at 11:15, at lunch got nails done came to car at 11:50 car totally gone. When I tried to explain I had eaten lunch at the restaurant, they called me a liar, laughed yelled at me, told me to leave them alone go back to Florida. I showed my receipt to the woman working at the booth in the towing lot and she said I had the receipt modified. Told me she had seen the video of me cussing out the tow drivers. I asked her to see the video, because I knew darn well I didn’t cuss any one out. She couldn’t show me of course. My head was spinning. I understand needing to tow if a lot is crowded, if I hadn’t spend money in the shopping center and just parked and left. But I gave my money to that shopping center. Ridiculous and ridiculous how I was treated. Arlington Virginia!!. I parked legally in the shopping center on the corner of Glebe and Columbia Park roads. I went into Boston Market and bought my lunch. This was about 11:10. Since I was alone I took my lunch to the car and ate while listeing to the radio. When I was finished I walked across the street to get my nails done. I had to pick my daughter up at 12, so I just got half a service. It took 15 minutes. I walked back to my the lot and my car was gone. I went into Boston Market and asked if my car was towed. They said to talk to the guys in the corner. They weren’t there so I went into another business to ask the number of the tow company. By the time I got out the tow guys were back. I went and asked them why I was towed, that I had bought my lunch in Boston Market. They immediately started yelling at me that I was a liar, and to go back to Florida I wasn’t wanted here and more. I tried to explain what that I had eaten there, my receipt and food was still in the car. I had coupons I had been given after giving a donation at the restaurant for cancer that was in my purse. They said I parked and walked right across the street. That wasn’t remotely true, and not what happened. When I got to the tow lot I showed the lady my receipt. She said I modified the receipt and changed the time on it. I don’t even think that is possible. She also told me she saw the video of me cussing at the tow drivers. Well, that never happened and I asked to see the video, which of course she didn’t produce. I am absolutely amazed on how I was treated and they get away with this racket.

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