Advant product developement

Advant product developement

Advant product developement Advent product development Offered a patent for my idea and I never heard from them again Costa Mesa California!!. I went to advent product developement in 2004 to present an invention I have created. I met with a guy named Larry Skinner, senior marketing consultant. At the time I wasnt in anyway apart of or involved with the company. I only wanted to get my idea a patent. Mr. skinner was very assured that if I paid the necerssary fees to get the product produce then I will have a patent and going forward with my goal in getting the product I invented to make the market with a company through their presentation. I was communicating at first weeks at a time then it became months now years. I never heard from this company since 2004. The company wanted me to pay very expensive fees to have the idea presented and I didn’t have the money to pay such high fees, so I just gave up. I paid so far to the company at the time $703.00 to start and was never contacted after the money was giving. I only talk with Mr. Skinner for that first week and then again the third week after the process was done, no success. I was also promise that Mr. Skinner would find a company and present the idea to see if the company would use the idea. No response since 2004.

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