Advantage car rental and hotwire

Advantage car rental and hotwire

Advantage car rental and hotwire Hotwire offered a price that included unlimited miles and airport taxes Phoenix!!. I was offered throught the hotwire website a 2 day car rental from PHX Sky Harbor airport and when I booked it my price and days were correct. Upon getting to the airport to pick up this reserved vehicle I was told now because I was a resident of AZ where I was picking up the car that my unlimited miles offer was not valid. I said this was never told to me in the original offer therfore they need t ogive me the car I reserved. The attendent at the counter then said I can offer you unlimited for $20.00 more which due ot the fact I have now been greatly inconvienenced I would pay it. Once he gave me the addtional bill it was now another $52.00(I had already paid Hotwire $59.92 per their internet offer). The $20.00 was now $20.00 per day and a duplicate amount of airport taxes which I had already paid in the hotwire offer. I was suspicious of the rental attenedent as beforre me he was assisiting some Asian visitors where i heard him not only try to sell them everythig he could he had put them in a diesel vehicle which they did not want and tried to convince them the diesel would be faster than a gas vehicle and gas was cheaper which is not true in AZ. Advantage and hotwire engaged in decietful and false advertising and I have field a complaint with the Attorney Generals offcie of Arizona.

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