Advantage Car Rentals - Denver -

Advantage Car Rentals - Denver -

Advantage Car Rentals – Denver – Yashi Gigante Customer Service | Corporate Office [email protected] Highway Toll Administration (HTA) I rented a car from Nov. 29-Dec.2, 2017. Feb. 14, 2018, they charged my bank $123.83. After contacting, I was told charge was for toll violation. Denver Colorado!!. November 29, 2017- I arrived at the Advantage Car Rental agency to pick up vehicle at 1:45am. After verifying and processing rental, I asked for a map. The agent told showed me the direction to Denver, and pointed out to avoid any tolls for the reason Denver toll charges can be high (in cost). While in Denver, I stayed inside the city and its outskirts, not having to drive on any freeways, even though it was not a challenge to discern a toll road if that would be the case. However, I did not travel any toll roads throughout my stay in Denver, and I was the sole driver of the vehicle. December 2, 2019 – I delivered the vehicle back to the rental location at 6:30pm, and did not encounter any toll roads on the way. February 14, 2018 – I received a bank alert on my account that a charge of $123.83 was charged to my account and was in the pending status. The bank inactivated my credit/debit card, and reissued a new check. Going onto the bank website, I captured the charge to come from Advantage Car Rental. They had not contacted me at all regarding an impeding charge, anytime before or after the charge. I called customer services. They told me they were limited in how they could help – nothing more. They requested a copy of the bank alert. I was initially hesitant in sending them the alert statement from my bank but proceeded anyway. I was surprised with a response later in the day stating I declined the EZ-Toll Program (I was not informed of or aware of such at time of rental pick-up), and that I had committed violations up to $100 + $25 admionistration fee. I went to a site provided in the email to seek a statement. Inputting necessary, I received a message that there was no record of statement. I sent another email to Advantage asking for a copy of the citation/violation for proof. I received this information: RA # : DEN-488396 Renter’s Name : JACQ—— C——— Rental Duration : Nov. 29, 2019 to Dec. 02, 2019 This is not the record of proof of violation. This information is in the intial email they sent to me upon my request and earlier inquiry of the charges against my account. Basically, at this point in the month – they have cleaned out my account, and I am in a delinquincy fo rfunds to commute back and forth to work for the rest of the month. My payroll pays monthly.

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