AES Automotive Electronic Solutions

AES Automotive Electronic Solutions

AES Automotive Electronic Solutions, NP National Parts Terrible customer service, lies, no call backs, deception Jacksonville Florida!!. I called AES Modules @ around 1:00 pm Pacific Time on Monday 1/5/2018 and spoke with Justin. I enquired whether they had a 2003 Lexus GX 470 Suspension Control Module part #89293-60030 in stock. After a long delay with him not talking to me, I thought maybe I was cut off, did he come back on line and said yes he does have the part and quoted $450.00. I asked if he could ship overnite, he confirmed and I placed the order. I aked for the order confirmation and to state that the order will be shipped overnite which he said he’ll do. By after 5:00pm Pacific Time, I did not recieve any answers so I emailed their company, an email requesting an order convermation and tracking number. I checked my email the following morning 1/6/2018 with no confirmation from him. I called again and was put through to Justin’s voice mail, left a message asking for order conformation and tracking #. No response. I called back and spoke with Jay and said, I was not getting any results from Justin, all I need is my order confirmation and tracking #. As I was talking to him, my order confirmation came through via email which he said he had just sent. I noticed the amount was $479.25, a $29.25 difference, asked him why the difference, his reply was it’s a charge for doing business with them. Well there was no mention of a processing charge before, however he did not have a tracking number and would call me back and follow up with an email. I repeated the conversion I had with Justin the day I placed the order, and that Justin confirmed overnite shipment, when Jay asked if I was sure, that Justin said hell ship overnite. I said yes, that is one of the reasons I placed the order with him, and he said that was not possible because the order was placed so late eastern time. However he would get back to me with a tracking number. This did not happen either. The reason why I did an inventory search on the part, was because my local Lexus Dealer, was out of stock and it would take some time, before they could get the part. I called again the next day 1/7/2015, spoke with Chris who transferred me again to Justin who said he’ll track down the tracking number and call back. I waited all day, no call back. I called again 1/8/2018 asked for Justin was told he was not in by Chris who said he’ll call back within 10 minutes to give me my tracking number. After waiting for more than an hour I called back to cancel the order,was transferred to the sales manager Darryl, got his voice mail and left a message, got cut off halfway through. I called back got Justin, who miraculously was in the office. I told him that I was cancelling the order. He said, that he did not say, that they would ship overnite, that the shipping would take 3-4 days. This was all the BS I could take, I insisted on cancelling the order, the reply I got from him was, that he was not authorized to cancel. I insisted to be put through to the person to do so, and got a response from him, that I’ll have to pay for shipping and a restocking fee. My response was, don’t even try that stuff on me and hung up. About an hour later, I did get a call from Darryl, who did apologize for the missunderstanding, and that I would be credited for the enter amount. One of the worst internet shopping experiences I’ve ever had. I believe the problem started by being dishonest about the inventory position, they proberly did not have the part, hence not being able to give a tracking number. Even though this is a brick and mortar establishment, I say, be very very aware. There customer service was none existent, till the end.

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