Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgeons LLC

Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgeons LLC

Refused to return deposit after they dropped the ball. I find it very disheartening to have to leave a negative feedback about a business that I thought was so great at first, I mean we were truly sold. Dr. Flores is a great charming salesperson. My husband saw Dr. Flores and we both felt very confident, so confident that we agreed to pay 15k for a tummy tuck and lipo (CASH)… it all went downhill from there. Once we signed on the dotted line we were no longer a priority, we intercepted problems right away, a CT scan was ordered, we gave the “Coordinator” the name of the place and at no time did she request a CD, well sure enough apparently she needed one, so we went scrambling around at the last minute trying to fix it. After she requested the CD, low and behold she needed a report from them, I mean come on- these are professionals, don’t they know to tell us these things? Then the issue with the garment, we were charged for a garment and thought since we were charged they were ordering it, but nope, dropped the ball again, after we sent our receipt we were told we needed the garment the next day- so we did what anyone would do, had it overnighted- we received the pre-surgery instruction 24 hours before surgery- only 1 problem, you were supposed to receive it 14 days prior, it has a list of medicines and vitamins that you should not take- Call me crazy but one would think that it takes 2 minutes to send an email, maybe just maybe someone could have taken the initiative and said “well these people just paid to have an expensive surgery” perhaps the least we could do is give good customer service, wrong again, the last straw was the office manager could not tell us what time the surgery would be – wait what??? seriously??? yes, so all of these things coupled together showed us that we could not count on this office. There is zero initiative, and anyone I mean anyone who sits in the waiting room can see it. There is such a lack of communication, there is no true surgical coordination whatsoever, we were given the run around and finally, the day before surgery we knew this office was not capable of handling even the tiniest of tasks so we decided that they could not touch my husband with another surgeons hands! I hope to be able to save at least one person from a true nightmare. Also, I did not feel the need to mention the names of the staff, they know who they are. Hopefully they can learn from this review and improve upon it. We asked for a return of our deposit since it was they who do not do everything they were supposed to do, but again nope.

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