Affordable Excitement

Affordable Excitement

Affordable Excitement broker through Triple J Imports Affordable Excitement = huge waste of time and money Norcross Georgia!!. 1st mistake paying for scooter sight unseen. Told by Desi bike was at the warehouse. Shown specs and images from the Tao Tao website of the 2018 Lancer 150cc 2nd mistake u2018 not DEMANDING a refund. Desi confessed that he is not a licensed dealer for 150cc Tao Tao scooters. Logic dictates since he is not a licensed dealer, Desi nor his mechanic likely has had proper training/education to assemble, trouble shoot, and/or repair these vehicles. Left scooter there to make pick-up arrangements. Title said u201cNewu201d. 3rd mistake u2018 returning scooter for repair. 1st day home took it to get gased up 8 miles away. 2nd day would not start, charged batter to full (1-1/2 hours) long enough to lose my PT job at Arbor Place Mall. After charging scooter ran fine. 3rd day scooter started up just fine, then cut off quarter of a mile from home/shelter. Pushed it out of the road. Had roughly 35 miles on it. Scooter sat until I was able to get someone with a truck to return the scooter to Desi in Norcross. Desi told me his mechanic found a u201cpinched gas lineu201d. Desi said, his mechanic replaced the gas line, put a new Japanese carburetor in, and added 5 miles on the scooter making sure it ran great. Miles on scooter = 41 at pick up Saturday, May 9, 2015. 4th mistake u2018 trusting repair. Got the scooter home Saturday, May 9, 2015. Rode it two blocks and let it sit overnight. The next day it started strong. Sunday May 10th was motheru2019s day. Put approximately 60 miles on it trying to find interview location (and potential next job) sent by Elwood Staffing to Peco Fasteners off Six Flags. On Six Flags Drive scooter cut off going uphill in front of Wendyu2019s. Fuel gauge read half a tank. I pushed it across the street to the gas station. Filled the tank to full. Tried it, scooter started and I rode it home u2018 TO THE HOMELESS SHELTER Iu2019M LIVING IN. Next day u2018 interview day u2018 Monday, May 11, 2018 Scooter started. I let it warm up. Quarter of a mile from shelter u2018 scooter cuts off. The vehicle has been tagged and insured. Yet it cannot take me to or from a paying job. Desi claims he nor his mechanic make house calls. Shipping a check in the mail will work $1,151 to ME Desi wrote on receipt 12months engine and transmission warranty. Told me via text 6 months warranty. If youu2019ve given him money, my advice u2018 get it back.

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