Affordable Housing of New England

Affordable Housing of New England Review

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The low-income apartment complex where I live is for the elderly and disabled who have special problems. Affordable Housing of New England (AHNE) has little regard for those problems. AHNE is dishonest, manipulative, and often unconscionable. They get away with it by exploiting our seeming powerlessness. Their priority is clearly their bottom line. It is often an exercise in futility to complain to HUD or Maine Rural Housing Development. Worse, they appear to be ‘in bed’ with the Maine Housing Authority who is supposed to oversee them. There is a very good reason that low-income housing is made available for the elderly and the disabled. Unless one is elderly, poor, or disabled, that probably isn’t well understood or believed. It isn’t surprising that no one who works at AHNE is elderly, disabled, or likely as poor as many of their tenants. There is no good reason that because we pay less for rent, we should suffer more than we already do. Empathy is key.

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