AFNI Subrogation department

AFNI Subrogation department

AFNI Subrogation department Got hit by a car while riding a bicycle and AFNI says I owe them $5700 Phoenix Arizona!!. I was bringing my lunch from the gas station back to work in Phoenix on my bike. I happened to be riding on the sidewalk on the left hand sidewalk, which is legal in Arizona and also in Phoenix. I was coming across an exit for a business and someone in a BMW was exiting, but she was supposed to stop before exiting. So I kept riding, but the I saw she wasn’t stopping so I put the brakes on and tried to seerve out of the way. But it was to late and she hit me and I flew in the air and landed on the ground. I had some cuts and bruises but no broken bones. My bike suffered some damage. The front wheel was dented and some other damage. The accident dented her BMW. Anyway, I filed a police report an hour or so after the accident and they never said I did anything wrong. Then I went to the urgent care to make sure I was OK and luckily I was. I was then contacted by her insrance company, American Family and I was offered a settlement. They gave me a check for $1200 for my injuries and bicycle damage. I had to sign something saying that the matter was settled and I wouldn’t get any further compensation. Which was fine with me. Several months later I got a letter from AFNI Subrogation Department on behalf of American Family Insurance saying that they believe the accident was my fault and they were entitled to collect some or all of the money paid by AF. They said I owed them more than $5,700. And if I didn’t pay them my state’s Attorney General would suspend my driver’s license(As if the AG would personally be involve in such matters). I called the number to try to dispute their claim. They told me that the accident was my fault and I needed to pay all the money. I told them it couldn’t have been my fault because I was on a bike. They didn’t seem to know that when they pulled up my case number. They said it was because I was riding on wrong side of the road. I told them I was on the sidewalk and that is not illegal. They didn’t seem to know what the law said. After, I researched it some more to make sure I wasn’t mistaken. And sure enough there is no law in Arizona saying a bicycle can’t ride on the sidewalk and if your are riding on a sidewalk it doesn’t have to be with traffic. You only have to ride in the direction of traffic when ridding in the street. I called them again to dispute it and I accused them of trying to extort money from me and I eventually hung up. I asked a friend who works for a prosecutor and she said that letter was bullshit and they’re just lying and they can’t do anything about it. It was just as I thought. After my experience with this company I would believe most complaints against them over what AFNI says.

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