Agnew Property Maintenance

Agnew Property Maintenance

The type of work for Donte Agnew is Property Preservation.I worked for Donte Agnew for 3 years – He has you sign a contract which I believe is invalid due to lack of consideration (more on that in a bid). Last year I noticed all I was doing was placing bids and not getting any work. He finally let it slip that though he was not getting all the bids, of course, he was doing them himself. In all the time I worked for him I only got 1 job that was over $1000. On that particlular job, we agreed on a price. Neither of us knew what the cost of materials would be, but we knew it would be labor intensive. AFTER the job was done, he required me to send him copies of my receipts or he would not pay me. Once I did he reduced the agreed on fee by $500. So he increased his profit by that much and reduced mine. I was required to purchase the materials and had to waid over 30 days to get paid. I am a Contractor – Im expected to have all the personell, equipment, machinery, and tools necessary to complete any job and all that costs money. | In the contract you sign, its states he will pay net 30, but on most jobs you wait over that period of time. That is a breech of contract in and of itself. Also in the contract if you cannot complete a job in the territory you cover, he charges you $50 and takes the job and any subsequent bid work. And here is the lack of consideration – you are required to cover your area, but he can come into your area and do any work he feels like. | Now the lies that are told – I was asked to do a job out of my territory and he would pay me for the job and a premium for going outside my region (this is common) and I found the property occupied. I still have not been paid anything on this job – he stated the client (Safeguard Properties) said the property was vacant and work should have been completed. I went back to the property on my own and again found the property occupied. I contacted Safeguard and they concurred – Donte Agnew had reported the property occupied. So this was a lie to keep from paying. | Greed and misleading bid submissions – Donte Agnew does everything he can to manipulate photos to make them look worse ie. when bidding shrubs to make that look like they are touching the property, calling any type of vines growing as poisonous. He knows what it takes to do a job such as cleaning a toilet, mold remediation and he pays according to that – not what you bid and not what he submitted to the client, so there is NO transparancy. | I am still owed over $1200 for work I completed and have not been paid for. Please keep in mind that if someone takes the time to report someone on the internet – there is a real problem.

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