Aimco Apartments- Villages in the woods

Aimco Apartments- Villages in the woods

Aimco Apartments- Villages in the woods AIMCO LIES and DOES NOT CARE about their residents cypress Texas!!. AIMCO apartments Villages in the Woods does not care about the well being and safety of their residents. I recently moved in at the end of June. Shortly after I moved in me and my 2 year old sons life was threatened by another tennants guest. He was outside on the balcony screaming racist and derogartory comments (my son is biracial) telling me that I didnt belong here because only hispanics are allowed to live here. He had his hand behind his back like he was concealing a weapon while he was screaming about how he is going to kill me and I was marked and if I knew what was good for me I wouldnt go to sleep. I called the police and they did absolutely nothing. I am a single mother who is in school full time and work full time. I have no family and I chose to stay at VNW because I thought that the property looked safe and quiet. When I informed the leasing office the next morning about the incident I was told that it was my fault and from what I was told the neighbors guest just got a slap on the wrist. The biggest issue I have with VNW is with my vehicle that was towed this morning (Aug 14, 2013). The day I moved in I did a walk through with the leasing agent named Celina. I parked my car in the spot and specifically asked her if I could park in the spot that I was in with the parking pass I purchased and pay 10 dollars for every month. She said yes and that the only parking that was off limits were the spots with signs in front of the space. These signs were tan and green signs on sticks in front of the spaces. The spot I was in just had a number and so I was told it was the proper place for my premiere pass. In July the maintence man started placing “reserved” spray painted signs on the ground of the normal parking spots. I recieved no information on what these new signs meant or what they were put there for. Last night I parked my car in the EXACT spot the leasing agent Celina told me I was allowed to park and woke up this morning to my car being towed. When I went to the office to see why my car was wrongfully towed I was informed that Celina was no longer working there and they are in the process of taking down all the reserved signs and replacing them with reserved ground markers. When I told Ashley I was told I was allowed to park there she said basically I was lying and there was nothing she would do. There were also 3 other people in the office who were towed for the same reasons. The manager also said that letters were put on mail boxes and doors about the new parking rules but they were put BEFORE I moved in so I would have had no way to know the new parking policy. None of my neighbors or anyone in this whole complex for that matter knows about these “letters” they sent out informing people of the new policies about the signs. I am very upset that first I was told false information about where my parking pass allowed me to park and I was towed for that misinformation. Second that the notices came out before I even moved in and I am in some way still responsible for knowing the policy and third that the manager was extremely rude to me and called me a liar. I had to pay 208.00 to get my car out of the wrecker yard with not even an apology for the misinformation rather I was called a liar and told to get over it. I do not suggest anyone rent with AIMCO apartments . They do not care about their tennants safety or well being.

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