Air Engineers Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning

Air Engineers Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning

This company installed 2 central A/C units back in June 2014. They did a poor job, never leak tested, and left the old units at my house. When I called them I got a sob story for an apparently drunk owner that his nephew was trying to steal the company from them. I figured I didn’t want anything else to do with them. | Subsequent visits by other A/C companies revealed that the work had not been done to code. In fact, no permit was pulled, something I didn’t even know was required. | My letters have been returned and it seems the company went out of business. | I now have to find someone willing to fix this and pay out of my pocket.

Rate and Write a Review on Air Engineers Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning ripoff site Internet!!. dA fool and his money are soon parted” I puchased 2 HID lamps with an extended

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