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The Air France staff called the police to intimidate and harass passengers due to their failure to provide hotel accommodation caused by flight delay and subsequent cancellation. The Air France officials resorted to sectional and preferential treatments of all passengers and ended up abusing passengers” rights. The ugly incident resulted in the airline failure to lift my luggage in the rescheduled flight to Toronto on 26th September 2019. It beats me hollow for Air France that claims to be the best in aviation business could subject passenger(s) and travellers to such an inhuman and unhealthy treatment. I successfully bought Air France flight ticket to be lifted from Lagos en-route Paris, Montreal and to my final destination in Toronto. The flight took off on 24th September in Lagos to terminate in Toronto on 25th September 2019. We were all lifted from Lagos to Paris to continue with the journey only to be informed at the boarding gate that they were having technical issue(s) and as such the flight was to be delayed for another hour. We all waited for the expiration of the time given. Again, there was further announcement that, they are still awaiting further directives on the flight schedule, only to be told that the flight was finally canceled around 17:30hours. (1) Please Note – the cancelation caused me to miss my schedule appointments in Toronto on the 25th of September 2019. All passengers were instructed to report at a location to be booked for hotel accommodation. We all lined up for this process but to my amazement we were told that only those that in possession of SENGHE visa should move to a particular location while those of us without SENGHE visa should go to Air France desk to be attended to. We all queued to be attended to on first come, first served basis, but to our consternation, the Air France officials on the desk were busy bringing flights papers and or documents behind the door to the official on the desk for immediate provision of hotel accommodation to certain passengers on the same line without informing anyone the reason for this preferential treatment. The act was very unethical and unprofessional. (2) Please note that the airline staff actions or attitudes jeopardized our chances of being able to be booked into an hotel until they have exhausted or fully occupied, we were made to sleep in the lounge while others are cooling off in a five-star hotel accommodation. This is totally unacceptable. Of course, those of us that were not provided for started complaining but the airline officials turned deaf ear to our complaint and being overwhelmed by our complaint, one of them felt the best action to take is to call the police on passengers who were exhausted after a long flight. The police succeeded in forcing passengers away from the Air France desk. (3) Note this is an Act of intimidation and harassment shouldn”t happen to passengers who were demanding for reasonable accommodation and genuine demand. (4) Please note that your passengers paid for the services and they expected to be treated like human beings and not like animals. The act has dehumanizing effects for those of us that were treated in this manner. (5) The airline staff abandoned us and we were left to our faith, hence we ended up sleeping inside the lounge like REFUGEES – The attached pictures speak volume of the above submission. Even at the lounge, we were not allowed to take our bath. (6) To add insult upon injuries, I discovered that my luggage was left behind and couldn”t have access to all that l required on my arrival on the 26th of September 2019. I had to start looking for alternatives clothing and supplies which caused me extra expenses I did not plan for. In view of the above, I am demanding from the Airline a reward/compensation for failing to meet the basic standard expected of flying passengers worldwide and falling short in satisfying and meeting these expectations during my flight on Air France. Also, for the inhuman treatment meted to me and my co-passengers. Sincerely, Akinyele Adegboyega Isaac Email – [protected]

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