Airport Chevrolet Medford

Airport Chevrolet Medford

Airport Chevrolet Medford Lied, then lied again. Lied when confronted putting it all on me. After 4 new cars from them I trusted. Shame on me. Medford Oregon!!. After 4 new cars from Airport Chev, I trusted. Wrong on my part. Ted has been in sales for 3 of our 4 purchases. Thought we had a respectful working relationship. Told him we were trading in our Spark for electric door locks and cruise control. He sent us out to the lot with a youngster doing the leg work. Youngster told us cruise was NOT available in a Sonic we had to step up to the Cruze. OK, show us. Pushed us at a USED Cruz, having bout 2,000 miles on it, used by the dealer so still new. Didnt tell us it had miles on it before financing was done. 22% interest. Told him no way I was buying a used car. He insisted it was new. Cmon, 2,000 miles? He pushed me, I kept both feet firm and ready to walk out. I believe because of that he decided to stick it to me. Remember, we had a relationship with what we thought was a great dealer. Found a Cruze, took it for a ride having reaffirmed we needed cruise. Bought it, a week later we prepped for a trip. VOILA! No cruise. Called TED, he said to come in, we’ll talk about it.Got there, sat down, he stated that his Sales Mgr. REMINDED him they told us there was no cruise on that car. BOOM! Where does one go from there? We left, went straight to a friends house where we made decals for rear windows, 4inch high letters AIRPORT CHEVROLET SUCKS. Virginia called me couple days later, tried to convince me that a guy I never spoke to, or laid eyes on heard Ted tell me there was no cruise. She offered me a great deal. Drive the car for a while, get some equity in it, bring it back and they would “help me out”. I told her at that point I wanted nothing from them and I surely would never be back. She must have asked me half dozen times to come in and lets talk. I told her to come to my house to talk if its that important. “We couldn’t possibly come to your house.” Well. Lets see. U would be here in a heart beat to pick me up for a new car sale!They actually think we’re stupid and most of us are spineless. I am fighting back. Next I expect a call from their lawyer but last I knew we have freedom of speech and we are all entitled to opinions.

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