Airport Marina Ford

Airport Marina Ford

Airport Marina Ford Leonard Ferringo, Service Dept. Director, Airport Marina Consumer Fraud ,Extended Warranty Scam Los Angeles, California!!. I purchased an extended warranty (PremiumCare) through Airport Marina Ford for my 2005 BMW X5 in the amount of $3695 which I paid in full. A month & a half later I needed repairs done to my car which are all covered under this warranty however once the estimate was given to the warranty company by the BMW dealer they quickly denied the repair claim, according to them due to some mistakes made by Airport Marina Ford with my contract. I later found out that Airport marina Ford went behind my back and faxed the warranty company a bogus handwriiten inspection sheet that stated that my car had pre existing problems and thats why my claim was denied. I never had any knowledge of this prior to me filing a claim. The warranty company then advised me that Airport Marina Ford should have never sold me this warranty if my car had pre existing problems. I explained to the warranty company that my car did not have any pre existing problems and prior to me signing the contract and paying for the warranty Airport Marina Ford performed a diagnostic test and numerous test including a driving test on my vehicle for more than two hours while I waited in they’re customer waiting area and I was also provided documentatin which I signed and the dealership had to sign stating that my inspection was good and no problems at the time of my inspection. I was then contacted by Leonard Ferringo advising me that he was going to void my contract and refund my money. I advised him that my contract is legally binding and that I was not interested in cancelling my contract and that I just wanted my car repaired. He then said “Well that’s not going to happen” I then asked him why would he tell the warranty company that my car had problems and why did they sell me the warranty if this was true. He refused to answer those questions, so I told him that I was going to sue Airport Marina Ford for consumer fraud. And he responded “Okay” And then he hung up.

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