Airport Park - Midway

Airport Park - Midway

Airport Park – Midway Beware, They will damage your car, deny it and blame you!!! AVOID Chicago Illinois!!. This establishment should not be in business. I parked there for a week on their “secured and survallied” lot only for my car to be rear ended and the back door smashed in. What is their response? You can’t prove that happned on our lot. Wow, I silly me to expect them to own up to their screwups, they know they did the damage when they move the cars all around. Keep in mind this is NOT a self park lot, it is valet and they park & move your car as they need to cram in others. Manager is never available to talk and will never call me back. Some attended who claims to only work 1 night a week insists on battling me, the customer on the phone. It’s as if he knows they did it and he may have done it himself and is hiding it from the manager. Not going to run off on theories, but the fact is this place is a shady outfit and if you do choose to park here take pictures of your car on their lot for proof if they do damage it. Inspect it thoroughly as you may have dings and dents from the carelessness of the staff. I will say, its sad as the drivers who dropped us off and picked us up were really nice and seemed geniune, but that all goes out the window when they smash your car in and blame the customer. Beware & Avoid there are other long term parking options.

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