Absolutely irritating situation. Their website states that they will refund my fee if they don’t find my things. It’s been a while since I reported and I decided I wanted a refund. It just didn’t make sense to wait any longer. They sent me an email stating that my money is on my bank account. I checked it once, then twice. Nothing. Ok, I thought that maybe this operation takes a while and waited for a couple of days. Nothing. I called them again and they said I never asked them for a refund o_O I requested to immediately send my money and they agreed. it’s been a week. Nothing. They stopped answering. AirportLostAndFound, refund my money ASAP.

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Chess Trending

Chess Trending Scammed $500+ from me – STAY AWAY – Cairo!!. After sending me his ID verification I went ahead and sold

Chevrolet Division of General Motors LLC

Chevrolet Division of General Motors LLC aka Chevy Chevrolet Employing misleading advertising of incentives Nationwide!!. Chevrolet, in

Allied Collection Services [ACSI] Complaint

Chase Bank and was paying the minimum. Suddenly they were not taking my payments, when I called they said the debt had been mistakenly

Betway Group Complaint

betway is fraud.the 30000 which i have won in betway hasn”t been paid and they have blocked my account as well. ( i had won a 30000

Braum’s Complaint

Braums store located at 2035 Bonham St. Paris, TX store # 162 I do not go to Braums very often ANYMORE because my order is never correct.