Al Gomes

Al Gomes

Al Gomes Big Noise LLC Al Gomes Fraud Providence Rhode Island!!. Al Gomes has got a supposed A plus BBB rating yet has complaints all over the internet soon to be from me too. He is all over Ripoff Scams for fraud and it’s true. He takes your money and runs. He only wants paper checks from the mail with no clear address that when you look it up you get a gas station picture. I would immediately drop his BBB rating. So this is how it went down. I called him up through his website that looks real. He shows how he launched big stars like Christian Aguilera and worked with Chicago and Red Hot Chili peppers. He then promised me the sun when I talked to him over the phone as I am a new and evolving musician and sends a fake contract for almost $3000 and says he will help launch you even to the grammy’s. Here is the scam. I spoke with him at length and stated that any legitimate contract needs a notarized signature. Proof the person was the real person who signed it. Otherwise anyone could sign a napkin and be in contract. He wouldn’t do it and stated he thought it was a good idea though. He also wanted an immediate check, did not even sign his fake contract and send to me stating on it it started 3/1 for $560 initial and 8 months of $280 payments. I asked him if he would give me more details even the first month as to what he would actually do and he could not answer and said he wouldn’t share. Just give him the paper check. He is all over Ripoff Scamss for this scam. Send a check, sign a fake contract and he won’t sign and then he takes your money and runs. No electronic verified form of payment accepted. Yet, he is an A plus BBB member with fraud reports all over the internet. What a joke to the BBB who is supposedly a good rating system and taunts your name all over his website. When asked about social media he stated that he does not work on that and that is 99% of how musicians get out there now. Twitter, Facebook, and online traffic with listings on all major music sites. But this is not what he is familiar with and near 30 years in the business? With grammy awards and nominations that he promises new musicians could have working with him. He is a scam, I stopped payment on my check and did not do anything more with this scam artist with an A plus BBB rating and hundreds of stories of fraud posted everywhere on the internet. He is a fraud and if the major artists got wind of him representing them he would be sued. You will see Christina Aguilera having no mention of him who supposedly helped launch him anywhere proves it is untrue. I asked if he ever spoke with her or stayed in touch and he said no she doesn’t like me and hangs out with her entourage. Al Gomes and Big Noise LLC in my experience with them are frauds taking money from innocent musicians that should not be wasting their time sending money to this rip off scam. Or having 4 hour conversations with a con artist. Just like Bernie Madoff people just don’t spend 4 hours on a phone with someone when they are sending musicians to the Grammy’s. Nor do they request big initial checks with no clear outline of the actual things they will do on a month to month when asked. Even the first month would not be given.

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