alamo automotive

alamo automotive

Alamo Automotive Jaime Suarez LEMON LAW, BAD DEALER, STAY AWAY, topeka Kansas!!. I PURCHASED 2 CARS FROM ALAMO AUTOMOTIVE, BOTH HAD CATOSTROPHIC ENGINE FAILURE WITHING 120 DAYS OF OWNING THEM. THE FIRST WAS A 2005 DODGE MAGNUM I PURCHASED FOR $6500, I HAD THE CAR LESS THEN 120 DAYS, I WAS DRIVING HOME FROM WORK AND THE ENGINE SIEZED UP AND I WRECKED THE CAR. I DID NOT THINK TO MUCH OF IT AT THE TIME, MY INSURANCE PAID FOR THE CAR AND PAID ALAMO THE REMAINER I OWED ON THE VEHICLE. A YEAR LATER I PURCHASED A 2005 FORD EXPEDITION FROM ALAMO, I TEST DROVE IT AND IT RODE GOOD , SO I DECIDED TO BUY. I PAID $1000 DOWN AND THE REST IN $350 PAYMENTS. THE DAY I SIGNED TH PAPERWORK AND LEFT THE LOT HEADING BACK TO WORK, AS I HAD WENT TO PICK THE CAR UP ON MY LUNCH BREAK. 1 HOUR AFTER I HAD THE VEHICLE IT BROKE DOWN. I CALLED ALAMO AND SPOKE WITH THE OWNER JAIM, HE ASSURED IT WAS SOMETHING MINOR, I CAUGHT A CAB TO WORK AND HE TOWNED THE CAR TO HIS SHOP. 3 DAYS LATER HE SAID IT WAS FIXED. I PICKED THE CAR UP AND DROVE HOME. THE REASON THE CAR BROKE DOWN, WAS BECASE OF A DEFECTIVE THROTTLE BODY ON THE CAR. THAT NEEDED RTEPAIR, THEY DID NOT CORRECTLY REPAIR THE CAR, THEY SIMPLY BROKE THE SENSOR OFF THE THROTTLE BODY PLATE SO THE CAR WOULD NOT READ THE CODE AGAIN AND WOULD RUN FINE. I KNOW THISBECAUSE IT BROKE DOWN AGAIN 2 WEEKS LATER LOSING POWER, I HAD A CERTIFIED MECHANIC FROM KANSAS TECHNICAL COLLEGE SOME LOOK AT THE CAR AND HE TOLD WHAT HAD BEEN DONE. I REPLACED THE $108 SENSOR AND CAR RAN FINE. 2 WEEKS LATER THE TIMES WENT OUT ON THE TRUCK AND YOU COULD HEAR THE TIMNG BELT SLAPPING AS THE CAR RAN. I CALLED MY INSURANCE COMPANY TO HAVE IT TOWED TO A DEALER, I PAID A DIAGNOSTIC FEE AND THEY TOLD ME THE PHASERS WERE OUT ON THE CAR, ASWELL AS THERE MAY BE SOME CYCLINDER HEAD DAMGE. IN TOTAL A $3000 REPAIR.CALLED ALAMO AND HE SAID DROP IT OFF AND WILL FIX. THE 2 DAYS LATER HE SAID CAR WAS FIXED??? I PICKED UP CAR AND DROVE IT, NOW THE CAR HAD AN OIL PAN,THAT I SAW AFTER IT WAS PARKED AT MY HOME. AND I WOULD GUESS IT LEAKED 1/8TH A QUARTOF OIL A DAY. NEVER HAD A LEAK BEFORE. 4 DAYS LATER THE CAR STOPPED RUNNING ON ME. I WAS IN DALLAS TEXAS ON BUSINESS. TOWED THE CAR BAC TO MY HOUSE FROM TEXAS $1000+. THERE IT SAT FOR 30+ DAYS. FED UP AND DISAPOINTED IN A PERSON I THOUGHT TO BE A HONEST AND RESPECTABLE GUY. BUTTOM LINE HE SELLS BD CARS. FROM MY EXPIERENCE ON 2 OCCASIONS. email conversation ” Thomas, this is Jaime with Alamo Automotive Inc. I’m using this medium since I know you go to Washburn as I do, and to communicate with you as soon as possible. You are a few months behind on your payments for the Expedition, I have given you enough time. I expect you resolve this problem in the next seven days or will place the vehicle for repossession. If you have any questions stop by or give me a call 232-8822.” MY REPLY “Hey what’s up, have a new number. Shortly after you repaired the Timing on the truck it broke again, would not run. Since I’ve bought the truck it has not run correctly. I was in Dallas when the engine died and would crank. It cost me $1080.00 to have it towed here. I have exhausted myself with the vehicle. Ether it was not properly repaired or there is some underlying issue. Ether way I had it no more then 90 days and it had catastrophic engine damage. It broke down the first day it bought it and several times in between. I do not even have access to drive the truck. I bought it in good faith that it was running and driving. It did so for 60 days then had multiple engine problems. I do not wish to continue payments on a car that has had problems even before I purchased it. I have no problem paying for a car that runs and drives, outside of regular maintenance. This car has been nothing but problems since the day of purchase. Literally. “

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