ALAMO PAINT AND BODY BOERNE TEXAS POOR WORKMANSHIP VERY RUDE! BOERNE Texas!!. Took my car in for hail damage repairs.. seemed nice enough at first. My insurance adjuster inspected my vehicle and wrote an estimate to repair.. now first of all this is not my first loss… the same adjuster has worked with us in the past and never had any issues with our auto damage appriaser , the adjuster at the company. The auto damage appraiser has also worked with us in the past and never an issue.. We were told by a friend about Alamo paint and Body in boerne since we lived her thought we would give them a try… The auto damage appraiser wrote the estimate for repairs called us emailed us a copy of the estimate …. the next day the shop service writer calls and said the estimate is too low and they need more money to repair our car… i called the appraiser he said he had not received any correspondence from the shop stated he would call them asap… he did and returned my call within 20 minutes… he stated the shop sends out their work to a PDR shop to repair the hail damage and request a large mark up to do so… i called alamo paint and body spoke with the service writer and he became rude and loud stated he knew what he was doing and not to question him!! Ok at this point i called my insurance company and spoke with the desk adjuster and he advised me to obtain a second opinion and could not direct me to any shop, that it was my choice of repair shop… my husband and i drove to alamo paint and body in boerne to retrieve our car…. when we arrived the service writer said they had already started repairs!! we did not sign anything to authorize repairs! My husband blew up walked around found our car and NO repairs were started!!! When we tried to get our car the shop wanted to charge us storage! at this point i was ready to call the police department and when i told the service writer i was calling the police he changed his attitude… long story short we took our car to another repair facility… gave them a copy of the estimate our appraiser wrote and the car was repaired without delay and at the appraisers estimate..So beware of this shop ALAMO PAINT AND BODY BOERNE TEXAS!


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