Alan Palange

Alan Palange

The company that calls itself CarleaseAdvisors, llc propositions individuals with automotive loans to ‘lend’ their cars to their “rideshare program”; for a small one-time fee of course. Once entered into the program, the company (and manager Alan Palange) claim to match your car with an eligible (see also: “qualified”) ‘Rider.’ | Then, the Rider will assume lease payments on your behalf during the duration of the relationship. If it sounds too good to be true, well, it usual is. And that’s the case here; in which, Alan Palange of CarLeaseAdvisors, LLC (who has appeared on this website before, just search his name) presumably makes his living from matching vehicle to Rider. The only problem; however, is that the only time that money exchanges hands is when you cough up the ‘matching fee.’ Never should you, or will you, expect to a.) be matched with a legitamite Rider (i.e., an individual who could pass a background check) and 2.) actually be compensated by said individaul for usage of the vehicle. | Furthermore, the Rider that I was matched with was/is a convicted felon who has been charged on multiple accounts of burglary. And to no one’s suprise, failed to pay up to 4 months of contracutally agreed upon payments. Alan Palange operates the intermediary responsibilites (e.g., connecting the two parties) remotely, and obviously has no skin in the game. Which means that any parking ticket, accident, disupte, etc. that would be the responsibility of the Rider (whom logically is obligated to sign a contract to participate in this sham, but probably never was required to) becomes solely the burden of the vehicle’s owner. | Therefore, not only is participating in thsi program an additional liability to the vehicle owner, but also may be extensivly detrimental to one’s personal finances in the form of opportunity cost and damages. In other words, you’re better off keeping the car locked up in the garage until the lease expires. Or keep your car door open with the keys consipcuously placed on the front seat. At least that way, you’ve got a better chance of recovering the vehicle from the authorities; versus trusting it to the hands of Alan Palange and this fake storefront scam of a business.

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