Alan Smith 250Mr Vernon ave Jackson msg 39209

Alan Smith 250Mr Vernon ave Jackson msg 39209

Alan Smith 250Mr Vernon ave Jackson msg 39209 Diana. Jackson on February. 11,2015 I found a 2003trial. blazer on Craig. list for $1023.00 I contacted. the person by a phone number 15402522856 a couple days later she texts back say she lost her son and husband of 19 years and she just wants to get rid of memories and all the information of the car with vin numbers and pictures. . I don’t have whole a lot money to me the money I lost was a lot to me and my family so please help Jackson. ms Internet Craig.!!. On February. 19 I got a car off someone and they copy write the web site eBay marketing people believe in the guarantee. But I believe. In there story.of why she was sell the car loosening love one and that’s why she was selling it .to get rid of memories. so yes it sounded to good to be true but there are. people. out there that are good….so couple days later. she sent a email saying I know you are not jockeying around you really want this car so the only way she will sell her car was on eBay and she needed my name and address so eBay can send the invoices and reference number. so the next day I get a email from eBay with all information. to make this sell possible. and I never ever mess with a computer or bought anything from eBay but it sent 100./.gauratee. so I Google eBay to know there guarantee was true so I had to get money transfer. so I went to Wal-Mart and sent this money to Alan smith250mt Vernon ave Jackson msg 39209and then had to fax my reseat. to 17162352641 and with in ten min they respond. by saying thank you for your purchase. you now are a owner 2003trail blazer. and on January. 19your car will be there between 9and1100 and email. back January. don’t you mean February. and they email back sorry from our eBay we are busy with over 300,000people a day and send me a reference. number and I tried to email them checking on the satanic. of car and never answer me back same I tried calling Diane. and no answer day of February. 19 2015no car never showed up so I Google the number and this. web site. came up same story as mine! so I download eBay to my phone and talk to some one from eBay and they told me they have no record of me buying a car from them and they told me they do not take money transfer. that it was a scam and people are copy writting. there web show big company like that should protect there self from people like that they should have to hold there guarantee .Jessica. sproul. Pa

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