Alex Korchmar, Ilan Korchmar

Alex Korchmar, Ilan Korchmar

Whoever wrote this apparently we were part of the same scam……. Literally identical…. Currently in lawsuits against him and Vivian Sobers who is his attorney who was in on the fraud. All his checks are fake all his stories are fraud. He stole almost 2m from me and till this day its never ending stories and fraud. He keeps bringing his wife’s fake jewelry as collateral and keeps promising everyday that he will repay. I personally have waited for a long time and filled 2 lawsuits against him and attorneys giving him till September till I make this a RICO Case where he will be indicted and will be in the hands of the federal government…….. | He is a scam and still looks for jew victims everyday. Yes he is a professional and is a amazing story teller. If anyone reading this and is thinking of doing any type of business with him RUN THE OTHER WAY. AND REPORT HIM. I won’t say anything about his son or wife, but they all know the scams he’s involved with and I just don’t understand how he lives with himself….. AND WHAT HE DID WITH ALL THIS MONEY…..

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  1. Ignacio Oloughlin
    June 17, 2020

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