Alexander's Diagnostics

Alexander's Diagnostics

Alexander’s Diagnostics They over charged me for work not completed, installed salvaged parts to my luxury vehicle and left me with a closed ended lease loan of more than two thousand dollars.!!. I took my vehicle (Cadillac DTS) to Alexander’s Diagnostic for repair because of my power steering issues on my cadillac. I knew my vehicle had a potential broken power steering shaft and possibly needed a new pressure hose to help keep the power steering from drying up on the vehicle. I had my vehicle towed to be properly diagnosed by what I thought were professionals at the time. I got a call back and was told that my leaking came from a busted rack and pignion and I would need to get my rack replaced, brake hydraulic pressure line, a new steering column, and outer tie rod ends. I originally objected to the column because I knew that the shaft could just be replaced by itself but was explained that it would be easier to just get a new column rather than go through the hassel of just replacing that part on my old column. My vehicle was given to them on 1/04/2018 and I got my diagnostic within two days, I gave the ok for them to fix the vehicle at the tune of $1,900 dollars. The following week, I put an initial $300 deposit on my vehicle for them to start the work on my car. I was advised that if I didn’t have the money, that they worked with a funding arm by the name of Next Step Funding. I had my brother apply and get approved for the funding up to $3,000 to get the car completed but they stated that I would only need about $2,000 of the funding to complete the job. I was told that in order to get my car completed, that I would have to get sign for the loan first, so I obliged but I didn’t know that they would need to wait to recieve the funds before they could complete the work. Finally, the work is supposedly complete after but they realize that they put the wrong rack on my vehicle and advised me that it would be an additional week before they could get another rack for the vehicle. The next week comes along and I get a call that the new rack had been replaced but now they realize that they had gotten the wrong steering column and would need to get another one to fit my vehicle. The new column comes in and I get a call that my issue is actually a my power steering pump and it would cost me additional monies to get repaired. At this point I get upset and make a call to the owner Eric, he advised me that this wasn’t his fault and tries to give me a discounted cost on the repair for the pump, I stated, that if my vehicle had been diagnosed properly that I could have had the repair put into my loan. Eric went on to say that the loan has been approved and finalized and can’t be updated to obtain additional funds. We eventually come to an agreement and the pump get replaced but then it is found out that my pressure hose is an additional problem to my power steering issue. Once I finally get my vehicle back the first thing I realize is that I had a salvaged steering column replaced in my vehicle. Originally my Cadillac DTS had a wood grain steering wheel but now it has a rubber steering wheel that doesn’t match the interior of my vehicle. I tell the repair shop that installing a salvaged part in my vehicle is unacceptable and wanted my loan canceled so that I can go to another shop. The lending arm Next Step Funding tells me that my issue of my vehicle is with the shop and if I wanted a refund, I needed to get another diagnostic done by another shop to show that the work was done wrong. I get another diagnostic to find out that my vehicle is STILL LEAKING POWER STEERING FLUID AND REPAIRS THAT I WAS CHARGED FOR HAD NEVER BEEN COMPLETED. I AM COMPLETELY UPSET AT THIS POINT AND ALEXANDER’S DIAGNOSTIC DOENS’T EVEN HAVE THE DECENCY TO ANSWER MY CALLS SO THAT WE CAN COME TO AN MUTUAL AGREEMENT ON THIS ISSUE. I CALL THE SHOP IN NORTH ROYALTON AND GET HUNG UP ON BY THE WIFE OF ERIC. THIS FACILITY HAS NO BUSINESS DOING REPAIRS ON VEHICLES THAT IT WON’T STAND BY IT’s WORK AND I WANT A REFUND OF MY MONIES ON THE BASIS THAT THE JOB WASN’T COMPLETED. I want my car repaired by professionals that can not only complete the work but return my car to a cadillac and not make it lose value because of salvaged material being used. I was told that the work has a warranty on it but no shop will honor a warranty on work that wasn’t completed. Do Not use this shop!!!!!!

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