Ali Shah

Ali Shah

Ali Shah Ariana Blenkers Shah OWE ME $5 MILLION DOLLARS, WROTE ME A FRADULENT CHECK, DAMAGED MY HOME! Newport Coast Ca!!. *** SCAMMER ALERT *** If you have encountered Ali and Ariana run away quickly! DO NOT DO ANY KIND OF BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE u2026 They will scam you like they scammed me. In December of 2013, Ali and his wife Ariana said they wanted to purchase my home in Newport Coast. They gave me a $270,000.00 check which I later found to be FRADULENT! No such account existed. It took me three years to get them out of my property. All this time they lived there for free, never paid a dimeu2026 ruined and destroyed my home while I had to keep paying mortgage and property taxes. Not only did they scam me with their $270,000.00 fraudulent check but their scam almost cost me my home. These people are CON ARTISTS who go from victim to victim and taking them for all they have. Ali and Ariana have proven themselves to be very smart and sly crooks. They pretend to have money and successful businessesu2026 everything is fake! I have done my research. They get out and go on to the next victim. All this time, they are taking peoples money and paying NOTHING! I was awarded a $5,000,000.00 judgement for damages but will probably never see a dime! They have nothing to their name so none of his victims have anything to go after. Other names they go under: Ali Shah Velayati, Ali Sha, Ariana Shah, Ariana Blenkers Shah, Ariana Jonina DO NOT CONDUCT BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLEu2026 THEY WILL SCAM YOU!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

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