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As a therapist, my focus is assisting individuals with ASD in maximizing their quality of life, via enhancing social and relational connections. I function from the perspective of neurodiversity, that there are variations in how our brains process and interpret information. Through identifying strengths, we can build a foundation to reach desired goals. I specialize in assisting individuals and their families in addressing needs related to the areas of social skills, behavioral needs, and school concerns. I also specialize in addressing topics of hygiene, body curiosity, sexual safety, and consent for individuals with ASD. I have over 17 years of experience working with individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders in both school and clinical settings. My master’s degrees in both Special Education and Marriage & Family Therapy provide me with a unique set of skills to assist with home, community, and school-related challenges.I believe that it is of the utmost importance for therapists working with individuals with ASD to fully understand the unique strengths of this population, in order to be able to provide meaningful support in areas of challenge. I have dedicated my practice to this goal, and to providing and incorporating the most updated evidence-based practices available.

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