All Auto and Truck Repair

All Auto and Truck Repair

All Auto and Truck Repair Damien Koester Mechanic Rip Off Victoria Texas!!. RIP OFF MECHANIC SHOP IN VICTORIA TEXAS ALL AUTO AND TRUCK I do not normally take the time to write reviews, in fact, this is my first. Like Brandy, I too felt like they were friendly and wanted to do business. It started with the rebuild of a 350 quoted a total of $2,000 for a 1972 Land Cruiser. After it was out and apart, we were told to put it back into running condition, another $1100 or so(on top of the 2k quote). It was running when we took it in. While not happy, we wanted to get it done and paid the bill. They have had it since November 2018 and told us it needed exhaust(the old one worked fine, may have needed a muffler) and power steering. They quoted $800-$1000 for the steering and $500 for the muffler. We went on line and to a muffler shop and those prices were in line with the requested repair. My wife went in person to check and Brandon, the son, and he asked her what year it was. She said 1972, he said that explains why the power steering unit they ordered didn’t work. He said it was for a 1984. He said they spent two weeks trying to make it fit. I now know that they damaged the firewall cutting into it for the wrong unit. Every time we went in or called it was a different story. Three months later it was not ready and I got in an argument with the owner, Damien. I told him to stop the work and I was coming to get it. We had been promised the repair and completion in weeks, not months. He sent me a bill for $3700, charges without any authorization or approval from us. He added $2100 to the bill. When I checked in the office prior to the argument, I was told my bill was at a thousand. They told my wife the same. This morning I got a new bill for engine repair items which were covered under the original 2k and the additional $1100. Then he said he will just keep my vehicle. WHAT A RIP OFF. I agree with the other reviews, if you go in this place you will not get the work you ask for and the bill will be double what they quote. BEWARE OF ALL AUTO and TRUCK. They are demanding $7,600 from us for $3500 in quoted work and severely damaged the body.

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