All Automotive Imports

All Automotive Imports

All Automotive Imports Euro Auto Dismanteler, Inc. Selling used BMW engines by altering EIN numbers to appear as different engines with more power Houston, Texas!!. Did you buy a used BMW engine from All Automotive Imports? Does it seem like it’s less powerful than your original engine? Do you think you got a 2.5L motor but ordered a 3.0L motor? Then you are not alone. This company sold me an Engine advertised as a 3.0L engine for a BMW 330 (E46). I paid $700 extra for the rebuilt engine with new rings, valve job, seals, etc. thinking these guys know what they are doing and I would get a great Engine. After instation of the engine I immediately noticed problems with lack of power and engine tone. The engine sounded and felt like a 2.5L 325 engine. It cost me several hundred dollars for my mechanic to verify but he finally was able to confirm that the engine is indeed a 2.5L motor, not a 3.0L motor as I paid for. Note: the EIN Engine Identification Numbers (upon close inspection only) were MODIFIED to appear as though the Engine is a 3.0L. If you check around, no one else rebuilds the 330 series motor, they say parts are too hard to get, hence the reason 330 motors are more expensive to replace. I guess this was too good to be true. This company takes 2.5L motors, claim to put in new parts and then sell them as rebuilt 3.0L motors after altering the EIN numbers. After pointing my discovery out to the company, they were not willing to pay to have the 2.5L engine removed from my car to send me the correct engine. It seems they don’t want to accept responsibility for their fradulent acts. If you bought a motor from this company and suspect the same, I can help you identify the truth and perhaps join a class action lawsuit against this company.

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