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Used this ‘service’, and I use this term loosely, because their website says they not only offer a lifetime warranty, but they offer a 24 hour turnaround: | (from their website) | Mazda TCM Repair Service Instructions | Click ‘Add to Cart’ and complete checkout | Complete and Print Repair Form and Shipping Label | Securely pack your module and repair form and drop off at any UPS location | When received, we will perform repairs and return module using the same service within 24 hrs | THIS IS A BLATANT LIE! Paid for the service, filled out the form and I paid for Overnight Air to get it there on Friday July 12 in the hopes of having it returned by Tues, July 16. | Called on Thursday (7/11) when I placed my order because after an hour I still didn’t have a shipping label to send the module in. I had to call a second time to actually receive the label. That should have clued me in, but ever the trusting idiot, I sent it in anyway. | I had to call on Friday (7/12) because my son forgot to include the Repair order when shipped and I wanted to make sure they were able to link up the module and the order. They confirmed they were able to match it up and we were good to go. However; they said they didn’t receive the part until late afternoon when it was actually received at 10am EST. Which means, in order to meet their 24 hour turnaround, they could have done the repair on Friday and let the curing happen over the weekend, tested on Monday and shipped it back by Tuesday. | I called on Monday (7/15) to make sure they had the module and the order together and was told the ‘invoice was open and the tech is working on it’. I said, awesome, so do you think it will ship today? I was then told that it would be up to 3 days ‘for the grease to cure’ because for some reason they haven’t heard of climate control in South Florida. Ok, I don’t appreciate the bait and switch on the website, but fine, I want a working module, should have no later than Thursday, July 19. | I literally called every single day to check status because I didn’t read the reviews til after I chose them. ALWAYS READ REVIEWS!!!! Told everyday of progress, etc. Yes ma’am on track for shipping Wed July 18. | Called Wed July 18 (the day it should have shipped) at roughly 2:30p CST, was told SPECIFICALLY that it was in a box and ready for UPS to pick up that afternoon at 6p. I was given a tracking number and told I would receive it the next day. I tried looking up the tracking number I was given at the time and it said it was an invalid number. This was while I had the guy on the phone. He said, “Oh, it won’t show up as valid until UPS picks it up at 6.” Ok, sounds like BS, because I know when you generate a UPS label, even at an off-site location, UPS updates that the label has been created at least. He said I would “get an email in 5 min with the invoice and tracking number.” Of course, that didn’t happen. | Called on Thursday, only to find out… IT DIDN’T SHIP WEDNESDAY as promised! No, I was given a completely different tracking number for a label that was created while I was on the phone with them. I was blatantly lied to repeatedly by this company and its staff from the onset because they do not honor their 24 hour turn around. I was actually told I should have read the FAQ’s to find out about the delay. But NOONE goes to the FAQ’s if they don’t have questions. And all you get as a customer for your frustration are smartass remarks like “What do you want me to do? Walk it to your house?” | I asked to speak to a manager, but was told “I’m not going to transfer you to him.” I asked why not. Was told “He’s busy, sorry.” | After another call, and threatening to call the police, I was suddenly sent a completely different tracking number, my third one at this point. | My biggest concern now is while on the phone with the woman from All Computer Resources, she specifically stated, “Ma’am they did ship your unit because they had to tell the UPS driver how to hold because it is still drying” | What? Still drying? I was told all week that they had to keep it extra days for the grease to ‘cure’ so why would it still be needing to cure during shipment? Why would the UPS driver need explicit instructions? Especially since I was told how delicate this process was and that grease curing was important. Does that mean I’m getting a faulty part back? So they didn’t perform the service correctly still? | This company has ZERO accountability for their lack of professionalism and service. I would recommend any one else.

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  1. Darby Cachola
    June 16, 2020

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