All Day Auto Transport

All Day Auto Transport

All Day Auto Transport All Day Auto Transport is the most dishonest company Florida!!. I went on vacation for Christmas with my family in North Carolina and the car broke down so we had to rent a car and leave our car there at a local dealer. I contacted All Day Auto Transport and they gave me a quote of $475 to bring the car from North Carolina to Miami. I asked if $475 was all I had to pay and they answered me yes but later a manager specified that $475 it is all I had to pay to the driver but Charles, the agent with whom I talked to “forgot” to specify the $200 for their company. Anyway, I called on Friday 5th of January 2018 and we agreed the car would have been picked up the 10th of January 2018 and delivered the 12th of January 2018. One week went by and nobody called me after I called and emailed Charles many times. Finally I was able to speak to Charles and he told me there was too much snow and they could not pick up the car, then following week the truck broke down which is not my problem, they are a delivery company and need to do so. After that silence again and I was not able to speak with nobody again for days, left countless of messages in the answer machine, multiple emails but nothing. Then, they finally called me and they told me they had a driver BUT the cost is now $900. I refused to proposal. I then looked for another company for $650 and when I was ready to sign up a manager from All Day Auto Transport called me offering me $700 ($200 to them and $500 to the driver). Seen the previous experience with them I should have known better but I accepted and they told me the car would have been picked up in 2 days which never happened. Same story, I called and email countless of time with no response and finally I was able to speak to Charles and he guaranteed me that the car would have been picked up the 13th of February and Delivered the 14th of February. Since I left the car to a dealer in North Carolina, I had to pay parking which came down to $1005 but I agreed with a dealer for $390. On top of that I had to pay $800 for 4 weeks car rentals. Today is the the 16th of February, the car has not been delivered, I have called and emailed all the people somehow connected with All Day Auto Transport and nobody answered or returned my calls. The agent I talked to in the beginning is like a ghost but finally today I was able to speak to someone that seemed to talk from a mobile phone instead an office, he gave me a second number to call which I did and as usual nobody answer the phone or return my calls. I have never found a company so unprofessional with such a bad customer service. With all the money they had me to spend for their disservice and being so unprofessional I would expect at least that they pay the driver and part of the expense I had to pay but knowing how they do “business”, and with no customer service skills, it would never happen. Still my car is not in Miami, it has not even being picked up and nobody has the decency to at least apologize or let me know.

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