All Florida Window Tinting

All Florida Window Tinting

All Florida Window Tinting Brian Bowie- Owner The owner is the most unprofessional and dishonest person I have EVER dealt with! Won’t give my money back! Davie, Florida!!. I called All Florida Window Tinting after seeing the ad on Google on 4/8/13. I got info from Brian Bowie (owner) and told him I would let him know if I decided to go with him. He was the cheapest and promised the same product and lifetime warranty as the major competitors and he would go to the car verses a shop we had to take the car to because he was a mobile company. Brian called each of the next three days to ask if I was ready to do the job because he had to do it by 4/12 as he would be working out of town that weekend. I called him back and I met him on 4/11/13 at a job he was doing near me to pay for it and give him the info. Once there I paid him the $150 cash for the job (I wouldn’t be present the next day as the tinting was a gift for someone else). I got a receipt from him and he asked me to text him the address and directions to the car which I did at that time as well. He was to remove the old tint and re tint the 4 windows and back window with Carlson Series Film with a lifetime warranty the next day- 4/12/13. I told him he had to go between 9am-4pm and he said no problem. He was very nice, I had no problem and thought he would do a great job. Guess not. The day of appt. (4/12/13) I called him about 11am and he said he was working on a BMW and it was taking longer than expected but he promised to be over soon. I called around 1:30pm and he said he was actually leaving and was on his way over to the car I wanted tinted. I called at 4pm because he never showed up and he said he never had planned to go over there b/c the weather was bad. But he told me he was on the way a few hours before (?). He apologized and said he promised to do it the following Tuesday 4/16 and I quote “it will be the very first job on Tuesday morning before any others I promise”. He also said “well you don’t want me to do a bad job, do you?” “I can’t do a good job for you cuz the weathers not good today”. But he never said that when I called the first 2x. I agreed to reschedule to Tuesday 4/16. Again he never showed up or even called. So I went to his “shop” when I couldn’t get a hold of him on the phone. No luck. After many calls/ texts later he text me back “family emergency”, “out of town”, “Will call to reschedule when I get back”. He didn’t reschedule. I couldn’t get a hold of him..AGAIN so I left a message that I wanted my money back so I could have someone else do the tint. He became very angry, yelling curse words and said no way and even insisted to know the name of the other company I was using! After countless calls and texts and trips to his shop he eventually offered to meet me to give me the money back. He would keep telling me “I’ll call you back and let you know when and where. But then wouldn’t call or answer the phone. He offered to Western Union the money back on Thursday b/c he was out of town yet again but never did that either! Again text me that he would give it back Friday 4/19. Then called me 4/20 and used very foul language and said he would just say he did the tint and I wouldn’t ever see a dime of my money because I wrote a review that he took my money. Which I had not done at that time but I have now since he said he’s not giving the money back anyway. Why shouldn’t I let people know how he treats customers? I just want my money back so I never have to deal with this person again. He is definitely not stable. Each time he does call me he taunts me and threatens me. He has some of the worst language I have ever heard. Definitely not professional in any way and not a very nice person at all. I coul not imagine anyone ever acting like this in a business transaction. Unbelievable!

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