All National Driving School

All National Driving School

All National Driving School Lied and not providing service as promised Etobicoke Ontario!!. All National Driving – DO NOT USE THEM. All promises. They take your payment and thereafter totally useless. First day of class instruction, advised to come 10 minutes early (of cause to correct payment), however the class did not start for another hour. All students were waiting, as he was too busy collection $$$. Classes always started late and finished early and what my son told me is that lots of wasted time. Driving Instructor – Mr. Mohamed was did not teach properly as only 15 minutes was spend to teach reverse parking and no practice. Was always late. Last Driving school driving lesson was completed on June 21 and after numerous calls and text to Mr. Mohamed to determine exam date, no response until I (the parent) got involved. My son mentioned to Mr. Mohamed that he has to go back to University in Ottawa. Thereafter in first week of August, my son was told the exam would be on August 23rd. Few days later, advised that now, the test is on September 10th. As my son is in Ottawa, how can he take the test? Mr. Mohamed was useless therefore; I asked him whom he reported. Told me Mr. Malik and I called Mr. Malik and thereafter text him as well. No response. Text him again and few days later he text back stating that he is out of country and for me to call office as they know everything. I called the office, talked to Mariam (claim to be the office supervisor), and retold the story. I asked that I wanted to talk to owner and now Mariam claimed she is the owner. Also the fact that student has already completed his driving lesson June 21st and driveru2019s exam is on September 10th – 13 weeks later? I had paid $580 for course and driveru2019s test (including use of car). Now I have to have my son take the drivers lessons again and thereafter do the exam. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Go with one of bigger companies.

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