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All Pro Automotive Had car 7 months, Lied, Car now needs engine repair, Lack of communication, Poor customer service, Mislead about ability to perform work on Audi Fort Morgan Colorado!!. On May 5, 2018 we took our son’s 2005 Audi S4 to All Pro Automotive in Ft. Morgan, Colorado, after they had assured us of their ability to work on an Audi. They diagnosed the car as needing a timing chain and gave us an estimate for that as well as air coniditioner repair. They gave us approx. 2-3 weeks for repair time, this including parts arrival. During this time, they found that the car also needed a new clutch. We agreed and agreed to the price. On June 19th, All Pro Asked for some payment and my son paid them $3000. They acknowledged multiple problems with repair and the clutch, noting that they had to order a different clutch and had to contact the manufacturer. They rarely communicated with us, thus the only way we found out what was going on, was to call or stop by, at which point, we were usually treated rudely by the receptionist or “owner”. On July 23, 2015, they told us that the car was done and ready. We paid our final bill, totaling over $300 more than originally agreed to and the air conditioning was still not repaired. We disputed the bill, but the owner stated he had taken off money for repair time, although we tried telling him that the difficulties he had and the increased repair time were not our fault, as he had assured us of his ability to diagnose and perform the needed work. Within 24 hours of having the car home, the check engine light came back on, with the same code as when the car was first taken to the shop. All Pro took the car back and stated that they cleared the light and couldn’t get it to come on. They asked us to take the car and drive and take note of when the light came on again. My son drove the car approx. 50 miles away. Not only did the check engine light come on, but the oil light came on as well. My son had to add 4 quarts of oil to the car and the car drove horribly. All Pro Owner stated that he checked the oil prior to car leaving shop and it was full. I told owner that per their bill , they only added 7 quarts of oil and that the car uses 9 and a half to 10 quarts. The car went back into the shop. All Pro owner called me and stated that the “timing chain had jumped and broke off a piece in the gears”. Owner stated that he would “make it right at his cost”. Owner relayed that his mechanic was very frustrated over the car and almost quit because of the Audi and associated frustrations. My son, who worked through high school to pay for his car, was leaving for Marine Corp Boot Camp on Aug. 24, 2018 and hadn’t had his car all summer. I spoke with the owner mid August and he reported that they would start on the car, again, when his mechanic returned from vacation, the following week. I heard nothing and my son was in Boot Camp. The end of Sept., I contacted All Pro. The owner told me that the car was apart and asked if I wanted the air conditioner repaired while it was apart, but would be charged for the necessary parts. I asked for an estimate. The estimate was emailed to me and included $1500 all together, with some of that being for repair of the gears for the timing chain. I promptly called the owner and told him I wasn’t paying for repairs of the timing chain and to “forget repair of the AC, at this time”. The owner emailed me in Oct., stating that the gear was going to ship. Another email indicating waiting for gear to ship and another one indicating they were using the wrong tool on the camshaft after having several check engine lights and codes come on. I lost count of the number of times they took the transmission and engine in and out of the Audi over the course of the 7 months. Late, on Friday, Nov. 6, 2015, I received a call from the owner stating that the Audi was ready to go and that he would leave the keys under the mat, inside. My husband and I went to get it and drove it directly home, as it needed the new registration put on it. The next day was a Saturday and my husband was going to drive the car and detail it prior to my son coming home on leave from Boot Camp. My husband drove the car approx. 30 miles when the check engine light came back on. He immediately exited the interstate and coasted into the nearest spot in a Walmart Parking Lot. I left a message with All Pro, at that time, indicating what had happened. All Pro contacted me the following Monday, Nov. 9, 2018 and stated that they would tow the car to their shop. My husband happened to be driving home from work that day and saw All Pro Owner get in car, start it and drive it on the interstate, to the direction of the shop. All Pro Owner had always told us to not drive car with the light on, as could damage engine. All Pro owner emailed me and questioned the type of gas we put in the car, as the possible problem. Two days later, All Pro Owner emailed me that the car had a bad piston and he was not sure of the cost of repair yet. My husband and I went to All Pro later that day. We told Owner we do not feel it was our responsibility and my husband confronted Owner on Lying about towing car. Owner apologized for lying and sent an email an hour later, apologizing for lying about towing. All Pro owner was researching ways to correct the problem, including them repairing vs. a “used engine”. After taking our son to the airport, following his Marine Corp leave, we went to All Pro on 12/1/2015. At that time, we gave them the option of buying the car, sending it to an Audi dealership for repair, at their cost, or them repairing with a warranty, to include the AC, which never was repaired and with the agreement that any further problems, they buy the car. The owner voiced concern over the amount of money to repair the car, noting that the parts must come from Germany. He stated that he had spoken with an attorney and his insurance and that insurance would only cover parts, not labor. He reported that he would let us know “how he was going to proceed”. We immediately filed a complaint with the BBB. We heard nothing from him, thus we emailed him on 12/8/2018 asking what his plans were. He emailed me back on 12/9/2018 indicating that he had another “technician” look at the car on 12/7/2018 and that per this techinician, the problem was a fatigued or stressed intake valve that broke and thus, was not his responsibility. My husband inquired who the technician was and he reported the name of another mechanic from a local shop here in our town. Owner stated he would have the car put together by the next day for us to tow. My husband and I went to visit with owner one last time on 12/10/2018 about our feelings that he is responsible for the car repair. He continued to deny this. I told him that we would have the car towed to our home, but probably not till the next day. I told him that I had already spoken with a local business about the towing. This business happened to be the one, he lied about towing the car from the Walmart parking lot. He then stated, that he would pay to have the car towed to our home. The car is now in our garage, sitting. The car is financed, thus my son is continuing with monthly payments, insurance and recent registration, after not driving the car for 7 months. Since we got the car home and I carefully reviewing all paperwork, I have also noted that between the car going into the shop on May 5, 2015, until we took the car home the first time on 7/23/2015, over 2500 miles were put on the car, per the mileage on the invoices from All Pro……..

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