All Star Moving Services LLC

All Star Moving Services LLC

All Star Moving Services LLC Binding Contract signed to move my belongings at a specific price. Once loaded on the moving truck the mover then demanded additional funds to complete the move. This is Fraud and Breach of contract. An attempt to get my money back for overpayment has been stonewalled by the mover. Salesperson lied and will not present my argument to management or ownership. Kearny New Jersey!!. I was moving my daughter from her apartment from Maryland to Florida. I signed a contract to mover our goods with All Star Moving Services. My salesperson Monica told me “the only way the price could change would be if additional items were added to the inventory list “(this language is also in their contract) The contract was titled “Binding Estimate”. When the movers arrived they loaded the goods on their truck. When they finished the loading they returned and told me the size of the load that was based on the contract estimate of 500 cubic feet was exceeded by 100 cubic feet. They would need to collect an additional $453 before they would complete the move. I told them and showed them the Binding Contract that I had. They said it was just an estimate. I explained what a Binding Estimate is. They repeated that it is an estimate. We got the salesperson Monica on the phone and she proceeded to hum the same tune as the men who loaded my furnishings. She refused to keep the price the same and honor the Binding Contract and promptly hung up. Under duress and the pressure of having to vacate the apartment and the fact that the moving men would not unload our furnishings and return them to the apartment and they were going to take them to storage until this issue was settled I signed another Bill Of Lading at the additional charge of $453. I made claim against the mover and have contacted them repeatedly with no satisfaction. They continue to refuse to repay the over payment. Monica says she doesn’t know who the owner is. She says she is the manager and will not pay me.

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