All-Star Towin

All-Star Towin

All-Star Towing Towed my car illegaly Dallas Texas!!. I was visiting a friend and had parked on a cemented drive that lead into the old dumpster area that has been demolished. There are no signs that parking is off limits or certain times when one can park there or not. There is no signage at the entrance to the trailer park at 420 Lawson RD. I had permission from my friends that it was ok to park there, since they have before over night and never had an issue. The morning of Saturday April 4th at 9:44 am they decided to drive through and tow away my car for “being parked on the grass” there is no way the car was parked on the grass. I spoke with the Towing company and he said first it was on the grass, which it wasn’t I have video proof from neighbors that it wasn’t. There were two different trucks. The first driver said that he would not tow it because there was nothing wrong with it. but the second driver wanted to anyways. But as I told the person at the towing company this his story switched that there is no parking there from 8pm to 6am. Again where is the signs that inform people of this rule? Even then, they towed my car at 9:44 AM. Where is it in the residence’s lease? There is none. Then proceeded to go back to the grass. I have pictures, and video evidence that they took my car illegaly. They even had the audacity to tell me to bring him my title so they could have the car. Honestly what is their game here? My car was legal no out of date stickers, it was parked legally so again, after the first driver said it was parked ok why did the second driver decide to take it?? There is no excuse for being money hungry. I just pumed over a grand into this car to get it’s clutch replaced. For all these drivers knew this car belonged to a resident. I wasn’t towed before 6 am, it wasn’t on the grass. So again where is their evidence as to why they towed my car? THERE IS NONE. Horrible customer service, the guy on the phone wouldn’t even give me their state license number. They just wanted my money. I will be fighting this. Even if it means I have to go to court.

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