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UNBELIEVABLY AWFUL. BEYOND AWFUL – THE MADNESS OF MOVERS – A TALE OF THE TRUE EPIDEMIC OF TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE PUBLIC AND THE COMPLETELY DYSFUNCTIONAL MOVING INDUSTRY: First thing’s first – run, don’t walk – very far away from this company. Anything that could have gone wrong, from the first phone call to the disastrous delivery, where it turns out some of my items, for which I was overcharged, were LEFT BEHIND halfway across the country. I have moved long-distance half a dozen times. Sure, it can be annoying, but I am not new to this. But All State Movers, this was new. This was a disaster of monumental proportions from the initial misleading phone-call, to movers showing up at my house, packing things up so fast (and I was already packed) that I didn’t want to take – then being charged for packing items not on my list at all, and an initial rate of around $1400 turning into $4000. | This is called BAIT AND SWITCH. The movers were 2 hours late with various excuses, a bit rude and I was as nice as can be, until of course I was told I had to pay $4000, and I have moved further than this before for half that price. At which point I knew I was taken for a ride. For then, they’ve got you…you have your moving date set, and it’s either move or don’t move. Like they don’t know this and practice this VERY BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE all the time. So that was the beginning of the disaster. I was sold a bag of goods and ended up with a bag of empty promises, broken items and, it gets better/worse, immense damage to my new home and yard. 2-5 days was the promised delivery time, that turned into 12 days. The movers who arrived at the destination were great in all ways other than they got their truck stuck, in a location which was not cleared for them – as I cleared a very easy-to-get-to and unload area just feet away from the front door – and when I came back outside, the truck was in the YARD. STUCK. They burnt so much rubber the entire street can still smell it. | The holes in the yard are not only aesthetically a total disaster, feet deep, so the grass and sod has to be replaced, the septic lines and other areas were also damaged. This is called lack of judgement and respect for the customer and home. Who parks a moving truck in a front garden, in front of the living room, when they, originally anyhow, backed right up to the front door? It doesn’t take a genius to understand this was ridiculous. But then they could not move and needed a tow truck to lift them out – and then we see the extent of the damage. All said, I am not one to complain, but when you lie to me, when your customer service rep promises one thing, the supervisor another, then the drivers and others all have other information, you are dealing with a company that has no business being in business. Any of you in any kind of industry know this as BAD BUSINESS PRACTICES. Not only that, the company could care less about their promises, their receptionist has been extremely rude as has most everyone in the office, only when someone calls to find out the truth – where are the items, why is the delivery late long gone and, where are at least half a dozen items, for which I was overcharged? Left behind. The delivery men even told me that items were left behind. Any response from the company thus far? Absolutely not. We are disgusted, disrespected, and we did everything on our end we signed up for, including (not obligatory) giving great tips to the movers who were swift, and then sadly realizing these movers raised my costs and damaged my home and my land. My legal department will be following up very closely here. I have had great experiences with long-distance movers, yet none of the companies I had used were available in the area from which I was moving to the area which I was moving (which is actually a quite common move – I had just switched coasts is all). | Oh and so much more….I am UNWRAPPING STUFF AND I AM LEFT WITH MATERIALS?!?!?! DIRT ALL OVER THE FLOOR AND WALLS. I AM PUTTING MY BED TOGETHER…THIS IS AGAINST CONTRACT. And the items that were “wrapped for free” like paintings and TV box, etc., were not free. Those packers took their sweet time and I was charged labor that was way more than any packing fee. Had they been honest with me, I’d have shipped these items UPS or FedEx immediately. And then, when they start packing your items, you apparently “own the materials” – which was never explained and then at the end I am left not only unwrapping and moving my own things into the house (because it’s now getting dark, they were 4 hours late on that end and they are now focussed on getting their truck from being stuck and leaving my items on the ground), but they left me with not only a mess of a yard at night, where you can’t see much – to waking up to a disaster that has compromised the sanitation of our home and land. To top that off (I know, I can’t believe this keeps going – this is why it has to end), since they packaged my materials “for free” – not free at all – I own these boxes now, so I have heaps of cardboard and shredded moving blankets all over the place, left behind. Items were damaged and more are being opened now and we are praying there’s nothing else to contend with. A fairly simple move, of a partial home, we’re talking the content of a studio apartment, not even a dining table or chairs, not even more than 1 sofa and the sofa is a loveseat…and they messed it up so bad. Imagine moving your 3-4 bedroom home and all contents. I can’t even. I expect replies, I will expect refunds…I have to have the house professionally cleaned now!! | THE YARD IS A MESS. AGAIN, in the event you missed it, THIS IS A PROFESSIONAL MESS OF A COMPANY AND I AM A VERY VERY VERY DISATISFIED CUSTOMER PAYING $4000 FOR MISSING ITEMS, DAMAGES AND A BUNCH OF JUNK AND DOING A GOOD PORTION OF THE MOVE, UNWRAPPING, ETC. ON MY OWN! LEFT WITH DIRTY HANDS ALL OVER THE WALLS, DIRT ON THE FLOOR, A YARD THAT LOOKS LIKE A DEMOLITION DERBY TOOK PLACE IN IT…and on and on. And zero to response from the company…awful communications. Best communications come from the drivers, and even then, everything still felt like a lie – being unreasonably late, the departure movers adding up costs and taking time to incur more costs for labor, packing items in an area that were left to NOT BE PACKED. | But when you supervise and have to do part of this on your own, due to lack of competence, these people sneak and wrap and box your stuff up you didn’t even want and now you’re paying for stuff to be moved that was never intended. And I am the most organized person in the world. Notes, instructions, post-its, clear labels on all items. Did they not read? Did they not hear me say 10x “Leave that please. It’s not coming”? Or are they just tone-deaf and tuned out and just don’t care because their industry is driving them mad? So far the track-record = F- (major fail). Never again, and if you use these folks, you are an idiot. Just like I was. And how do those of us outside of the industry know all of these ins and outs to how the moving companies work and don’t work, and all of the nonsense they can pull…and when you are packed and ready to go and on a schedule, they know this. They will take full advantage. But never before has this occurred and like I said, this was a 1500 mile move, give or take…when I have moved 3000+ miles before WITHOUT INCIDENT! I wrote fabulous reviews for those great companies and people. This is not one. | This is the PERFECT EXAMPLE OF BAD BUSINESS PRACTICES. Amazed they do business this way and that are still in business, but the world is full of suckers and apparently this time, I am amazed at myself that I wasn’t able to figure out how shady the company is until they showed up and I had no choice but to go with it or not move…AND I was amenable to the other moving day. Yes, I requested the day after Easter. Who wants to move on Easter and bother people who want to be with family and friends or whatever? And I get a call, the evening prior, saying they are coming on Easter Sunday! I specifically told my rep the day after, but she put something in the system saying April 1 or 2 would suffice. That was never the agreement. And now it’s April 15th and I get my stuff…2-5 promise? Complete BS. Even the 12 day promise, BS. | Sure, they tried in the end because I am sure the drivers wanted to be rid of the items in their truck and head away from the oncoming cold front…so I appreciate, at least, someone trying to get here before a month had passed…camping out in your own house is fun for only so long. And now, I cannot waste any more energy on these people and this company, but this review is 100% accurate and warranted and if I can help you avoid the anxiety, dismay, shock and upset I went through, I am glad of it. If you still use these folks, it’s on you. Please do your research (if you can even understand the fine print), make sure you use a credit card and don’t pay cash or check so you can more easily stop the charge and get your money back. | Now I have to engage the legal team at my office and that will cost me money for their time, even though they would do it out of the goodness of their hearts as they witnessed this whole BREACH OF CONTRACT from start to finish by ALL STATE MOVERS. I will not be the victim of this reprehensible behavior and business practice(s) – I will make sure this company does what they need and our next step is alerting the media, consumer reports, the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General office locally/regionally and federally. | If they can fix this up fast, take responsibility and make it right, we won’t go to the press and we won’t bother the BBB or AG’s offices…but it’s already been too long and they have about 24-48 hours max to fix (and either send me my missing items or send a replacement check for their value – I paid to pack myself and I paid for items that never even ended up coming to my and are sitting in a warehouse SOUTH OF THE CITY I left from (was told was not going into warehouse – the movers who picked up were delivery – another major lie). If not, we will take all actions necessary to right the wrong done to us and then be officially done with these people/this company. I am sure they bet on folks not understanding the fine print, getting sick of calling without replies and getting tired of fighting for their rights…but not this person. Sure, I am done, I have no more energy other than this review and the press release it can be turned into to alert press including but not limited to CONSUMER REPORTERS, PRODUCERS, SPECIAL INVESTIGATIVE REPORTERS and more, across all platforms from television to radio to print media to the blogosphere. | MAJORFAIL Grade = F- for ALL STATE MOVERS. You do not get to pass go and collect $200. You get nothing other than me and my legal team making sure you follow your contractual obligations and if you don’t, I turn it over to them, and you’ll have to deal with a lawsuit. The only thing that they passed was what felt like a dozen kidney-stones. I wish I didn’t have to write this, I wish this were all done “on the level”, I wish I could write a rave review about how great this experience was. However, this was/is, by far, the WORST MOVING EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE, and like I said, I am not new to long-distance movers and I hardly complain, even when minor things go wrong…so that says a lot. That says it all. 100% disgusted – so much so that we’ll have to find a new word for it, for what ALL STATE MOVERS has done to us. |

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