All Team Auto Care

All Team Auto Care

STAY AWAY!! | BEWARE! | CAUTION! | We dealt with Eva. Wish I would have seen these reviews prior to using her. I had the same unpleasant experience. Eva comes across so sweet and soft spoken and she has her little dog with her creating a sweet holsome feel. | Required huge down payment. Then every couple weeks kept upselling from our original quote. | She’s very good at her sales job but she’s just spinning a web to draw you in, once your car is in there and at her mercy she will keep adding on additional services. we trusted her. She got us !!! | DO NOT trust her with your car for any reason she is full of lies and trickery you may as well just give her your checkbook and let her write whatever she wants because that’s what she’s going to do anyway. She’ll get you for whatever she wants. Your pocketbook is going to be empty. | Oh your probably wondering about all the great reviews on Yelp. We wondered the same but she pays people for the good reviews which is against yelp policy. There’s a sign up on her shop $50 off for a yelp review. | I hope this saves someone else from losing so much money as we did.

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